SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER EVENTS: PART 2 – Handmaid of the Most High



September 25, 2023 10:36 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

On September 17, 2023 I was prayerfully looking for the event the Holy Spirit had spoken to me about and after a few minutes, I came across a news story about Kim Jong-Un meeting with Putin.

The Holy Spirit confirmed that this meeting was what He was referencing and spoke to me, saying “they were finalizing their plans to attack the U.S.”

I was told to wait before sharing it. Today, upon awakening (September 25) I heard “limited nuclear attack”, then I saw a nuke explode.

In October, I have heard that the evil ones are planning to send out a very high frequency over the airwaves which will activate the graphene people have either injected (the snake bite) or from eating food that has been tainted and not labeled – thus it is in our food supply. This frequency will cause latent ungodly things in our bodies react with sickness particular with the C-virus.

The scheduled time is 2:20PM, EST on October 4. If for some reason, they are unable to perform their activation, they have informed their agents to do this exercise on October 11 at the same time.

Not only do I believe there will be a wave of sickness, I am pretty sure they will start announcing contagion from C-19 but also the Marburg Virus. Back in 3/2020 and into 5/2020 when the C virus caused everyone to be in lockdown, the Holy Spirit specifically stated that C was not to be afraid, The Next Pandemic would be the one to fear. Of course we aren’t to fear if we are in Christ Jesus.

Start praying for strong immunity and ask the Holy Spirit to protect you from reacting to this change in frequency.

Please keep me in your prayers, I have fallen a 3rd time, while leaving the doctor’s office, I felt a demonic force hit me, I got exceedingly dizzy and telling my body to stop and lean against the wall and the next thing I was looking up at the ceiling. I got seriously hurt. Now they are attacking my computer and all forms of communication. I have been told “they” want to silence me.

Due to the malfunctioning of my computer, I am not able to locate scriptures to post. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit if this is valid and how to compensate for these attacks.


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