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Sep Oct Nov signs of the SON, Nov no where to go, December destruction. – Jeff ex mil.

Sep Oct Nov signs of the SON, Nov no where to go, December destruction.

October 2, 2020, 17:56
Jeff ex mil.

Hi I’m jeff ex mil.

These may help you.
Sep Oct Nov signs of the SON nov no where to go December destruction.

I have had 4

1 a year ago I was inside and something said it’s time. The lights power phones all stopped. My ex mil kicked in. It’s a emp and war is here. I got up and went out back with a vest rifle leg holsters and started shooting down these soldiers parachuting over us. I love by fort Campbell ky so I could see in my dreams birds dropping planes all over head tracers all over explosions over a range of distances. I looted a few of the bodies for more ammo grenades and radio loaded all supplies wife kids and yelled to neighbors to follow me. Some how the ones who parks in their garages car still worked it wasn’t fried and we started to he’d to my fall back shelter and i awoke.

About a month ago I had a dream about 2/3 days before trumps snake parable. That I had went to a party with friends and I didn’t want to be in the party cause of fornication drunkenness so I went outside walked around and found 2 snakes. Well I grew up knowing snakes we did a lot of farm and lumber work. Well I couldn’t or didn’t look at the snakes. I had then for a span of a few hours till I got home well I fell asleep with the 2 snakes as if they were just a watch on my arm. Well in my dream in the dream he said hurry watch out one isn’t what it seems it’s venomous. I woke just as one was tearing to bite my hand. I cast them from me sucked the venom out and spit it and killed the snake and woke up.

2 weeks ago. I was praying hard for the blood of Yeshua over all I knew talked to seen walked by and that the armor of God I wore would rub off on others. I went to bed and I’m in a dark dusk like setting of a major city but no cars all were crashed building kinda torn and This beautiful man so muscular and strong was fighting demons with one punch and a word they flew crashing through buildings like the Superman movie well I was standing guard of my wife kids and a bunch of others in the corner of a alley and one turned it’s attention to me and came I rushed it to keep them all safe but I grabbed his wrist and his claws were pointed toward my heart well he slowly pressed and was winning and claws started to sink into my chest and I yelled abba Father help me. And the gorgeous angelic man jumped to me and punched the demon through a close building picked me up like a Father and with his hand shoved a ball of gleaming light into my chest and said now you can stand and fight. I turned and we side to side best demons down and I woke.

Then yesterday morning at 5:09am I awoke from a dream that I was standing in my back yard looking toward the airfield then for some reason to turn and look at my house but it was a beach in California. I seen my wife kids a few others I knew but many people. Well we all suddenly had a feeling a knowing that a earth quake or asteroid were about to hit and we heard a huge shofar/trumpet/siren sound went off and we all fell to our faces and many people as I and my kids started praying others looking left to right like what’s going on. Then the earth rumbled started to shake and jolting crash and tossed everyone 10 feet into the air. But we my wife kids and a few others didn’t come down we started to slowly float up. Well I grabbed my kids to float up near me and I grabbed my wife’s wrist and hands. I then said to her it’s time you must ask forgiveness repent believe in our Lord and confess he is Lord and he does for us was buried and rose again. And she did and started to float up too and I woke up.

I can see smell feel what I felt still from them. The emotion hear cold gun powder sting of pain etc.

Hope it helps. I keep hearing Sep Oct Nov signs of the SON December destruction.

With all the love blessings and blood of our savior Yeshua Hamashaich the living God the Son of God who died for our sins inequities on the cross at cavalry giving us a way back to the Father through him who was buried and rose on the 3rd day to you all. God bless.

-The Lord Cometh.
Sincerely Jeff with all the Lords love.

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