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April 16, 2021 9:38 AM
Daniel Masika

Greetings Dear Friends and Partners on 444 Prophecy News , May You be Blessed Children sent their Love and Greetings with Our Team Big Thank, We have been Having Meetings Between the staff and all the Team we Desire to Go self Funding, If we Start this Three Project ,

1:Dairy Farming
2:Chicken Farm
3:Crops Farming

We will Go self funding Soon ,We have Afarmer From Trans-Nzoia County ,from Kimila Farm Parcel 23 as You Can see on attached Map and Pictures the Parcel 23 has 18 acres,Fertile Red soil He had already ploughed it But he has a problem with His Children education so he has decided to lease it to someone for two 2 Years for the each one acre he wants $100 for lease per Year $100 x18= $1800 for two Years He wants $3600 Its very fertile Land, red soil here does Good on Crops, If we Pay it then we go Direct on Planting it after two Years we be ahead with Food security, and advanced on self Funding we will Be Growing, He The Owner Come to Vist us today, and we went Together and saw the Parcel with the Team, if we Pay it Now next week we Go for Fertlizer,Seeds He is willing we write a lease agreement if we have funds Ready!!!! See on the Map and Pictures for the Parcel of Land , Please we need to Raise the $3600 Urgently Help


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