Seek me NOW! – Angela García


Seek me NOW!

September 25, 2022 5:39 AM
Angela García

Words of the Lord for those who have ears to hear…

Rcv’d 9/20

Pray for understanding

Daughter hear my words. Speak my words to those who have ears to hear…

I give my prophets words to share to warn my people of the coming days they will endure. Do they listen?! Do they hear my voice?! Am I not worthy?!

Is there foundation on a rock or sand?! Do they have my covering because soon it will be necessary. Seek now while you still can. Call on my help! Seek me NOW! My ways are not your ways. Be of the Fathers business awaken children, awaken first then your families, your children, all those around you! Do you care not to stand before me and hear well done good and faithful servant?! Be my child in the future Jerusalem. Reign with me in the millennium. You have a future step into your destiny. It is my will to have my children with me! I wish not one of my children to perish but look around one after another open those eyes and hearts! I AM not a man that should lie but my words are truth. I AM the Alpha and Omega, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is no other God! I AM the only way, truth and life! How I love my children. Be not lost but step into your destiny covered under the shadow of the almighty! My ways are not your ways but much higher do not lean on your own understanding. Seek me for answers NOW!

Yeshua Messiah

The Great I AM

Greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world! Mighty in power, humble in state,

walking in love and peace

I give correction where correction is needed


Matthew 13:9, Amos 3:7

Jeremiah 33:3

Matthew 7:24, Isaiah 55:6

Isaiah 55:8-9, Luke 2:49

Matthew 25:23

Revelation 20:4-6

Matthew 18:14

Numbers 23:19

Revelation 1:8, Psalm 91:1

1 John 4:4


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