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Seek Me If You Have Not Already!

April 18, 2020 6:37 PM

Message given 4.17.20

Daughter I come soon. The world as you know it is gone. The sequestering of the people was but the beginning of the enemy’s plan to isolate, contain and eventually control the masses. I have said dark days are looming. Sadly this is what I spoke of.

In the beginning the quarantine offered you time to yourselves, time to reacquaint with your family, and maybe even spending time with Me. But there are darker and more nefarious schemes behind the quarantine – namely the slow and subtle removal of your freedoms and civil liberties. Soon they, meaning the powers-that-be, will be tracking your every move, ready to pounce upon those who would rise UP – especially among My children. I have told you to prepare for this day for it comes upon you like a thief in the night. But I say FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS UNTO THE END OF THE AGE! When I said time is no more time I meant the time you were freely given to do the things you freely desired to do. Soon that will be no more. Soon you will be accountable for every action, every thought even – and your lives will be controlled beyond anything you could have imagined.

WHY DO I TELL YOU THIS? SO THAT YOU MAY SEEK ME IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY. Your world is falling apart and there is no place to turn or run or hide except to Me. I am your ONLY hope in this dark and dreary world. I am the ONLY light that can shine through the darkness. I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! I AM THE HOPE OF SALVATION! I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE AND ALL WHO BELIEVE IN ME WILL LIVE FOREVER IN MY ETERNAL KINGDOM!

Rise up oh saints of God! I am calling forth My army to rise up like never before! Yes the enemy has his plans, but the Father and I have our plans too. What the enemy plans for evil we will use for good.
YOU MUST TRUST IN ME ALWAYS – IN ALL THINGS. Even the smallest inclnations or thoughts that you have – give them to Me. I alone can save you from the coming storms of life. I alone can lead you to safe pastures. I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD and I come for the lost sheep of Israel who will return soon to their homeland. I call out to the lost sheep – to gather them into My flock where I will protect and guide them to safety.

I love you My sheep and I will return for you one day soon! Do not forget Me but look to Me! Seek Me out in every instance! I yearn to be united with My bride the church – soon, very soon! Be strong, be vigilant! Put your strength in Me and I will cover you under the shadow of My mighty wings.

I go now children! Be ready! Keep your oil lamps brightly lit!

Your loving King and Savior

Yeshua He Who Saves!

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