Seek me and live – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister

“Seek me and live “

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ?

Yes daughter I do. I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh . This is YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH speaking . Fear not daughter it is I the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day . This is a message of encouragement as well as reprovement and warning. This is a message for my people my bride. Not the lukewarm or wicked. The lukewarm will be condemned if they do not repent and turn from their evil ways. I will never deliver feel good or tickle the ears kind of messages. I am a HOLY GOD. I do not play games. Daughter tell my people to seek me if they want eternal life . Salvation is a free gift given freely paid for by my own blood but those who are lukewarm and who love the world do not care about their eternity. They just care about themselves. My holy sanctified ones are not like this. My people I want you to seek me on your knees if you want to have eternal life. The time to seek me is NOW!!! As each day passes you grow closer and closer to my return. Children think this over very carefully who and where do you want to spend eternity with ? None of you are going to be on earth forever so why waste your time on this filthy world ? My children this world and nation is a stench to me. America is not pleasing to me. This world hates and rejects me. Judgement day is coming fast what do you want to hear when you stand before me and give an account of your life ? Depart from me I never knew you you worker of iniquity or Well done good and faithful servant ?? The choice is yours to make but I can’t strive forever. In my great love and mercy I will take my bride out first then sudden destruction wrath and judgement will come on this wicked perverted prideful rebellious nation. Children, ask yourselves this question Are you right with me ready for my return and are you in my will doing my will ? If not get on your knees and call out to me and surrender if you go back to sinning after repentance I will spue you out of my mouth !!! . To my beloved bride my holy children I am calling all men and women to repent at this late hour . My children the time to seek and know me is now !!! I desire to have a relationship with my people. I died for everyone so they could have a chance at having eternal life with me and the father. You are saved by grace through faith but grace is not a license to sin openly over and over. Without holiness no one will see me or the father. No sin can enter my kingdom. No dirty rags or garments can enter heaven. Heaven is a place that is eternally clean. I AM A GOD THAT HATES SIN. The stench of America’s sins is reaching my nostrils and my father’s and we have had enough !!! ENOUGH YE REBELLIOUS WICKED PERVERSE GENERATION!! Daughter this nation keeps rejecting me and taking me out of everything holidays schools etc. America does not want anything to do with me because of this I have removed my hand of protection from it. After I take you and the rest of my bride out of the way to heaven, This nation shall be destroyed in one hour. So many are deceived into thinking this nation will be great again. I say nay !!! The media and president is lying straight to your faces. America is under judgement not grace!!!!. I AM AN ANGRY GOD AND VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH AMERICA !!! Your nation reeks of sin !!! Filthy garments filthy nation of wicked evil doers!!! Disobedient immoral wicked rebellious etc. America your judgement is set WOE BE UNTO YOU, YOU NATION OF HARLOTS!!!!!

Now to my beloved bride and people what I ask of you at this time is to seek me on your knees and share your concerns and hearts with me I am always here listening to your prayers and requests and bringing them to my father. You my chosen vessels were born for this hour. Pursue me with all of your heart and repent. Live holy and set apart from this sinful fallen world. You are to be in the world but not of it. I want to encourage you my saints today I will never leave or forsake you. I am always with you . I am all you need. I love you dearly my beloved children and I want to bring you home very much so. However it’s up to my father when I come for you until then work for me pray repent worship read your Bibles live a life holy and pleasing to me. BEHOLD I AM COMING QUICKLY SAITH YAHUSHUA HAMSIACH

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