Seek God NOW! – John McAteer

Seek God NOW!

April 13, 2020 1:57 AM
John McAteer

Dream from Holy Spirit 13/04/2020

I am at work. There has been some kind of breach in a water pipe network. I am searching for pipe overflows with a female work colleague. She is a bit mocking in a playful way. I come to a location of an outfall but the water is too high in the dyke. There are now some other female colleagues searching. I come to a badly flooded area but cannot get close to the possible location of the pipe outfall because the water is so deep. I try to go in the water as far as my waste but retreat. I can see an orange plastic pipe under water.

I now see a drawing of full PPE including waders, boots and upper body gear. There also seems to be a mask. I then hear a reference to California. (I feel like some pollution spill has taken place).

I am now in a church where a preacher is preaching. My female colleague interrupts him by standing on a table. She starts shouting loudly in warning. “Seek His face, See God’s face now”.

I then see its late Autumn as the leaves have fallen from the trees.

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