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Second wave / Another Lockdown

2020/08/24 at 4:56 AM

After some time I spent in prayer and worship. I got up sat on my bed and wrote in my journal. I tried to keep up with the pace as the words were coming. I do want to add that am a watchman looking at social media to see what is going on around the world. Please take this to the Lord in prayer.

‘There will be a another hard lockdown. The roads will be blocked off and they will force everyone to take the vaccine. During this time judgments will fall and many will die in their homes. Not quipt or ready to flee from the disasters that will come. Trapped. Trapped the will be. Unable to escape and flee to the mountains like I command in my word. More afraid of a virus outside in the air then of My coming Judgements to the earth. Warn those who have ears to hear. Ready yourself. Prepare. Prepare for battle. Strengthen yourself mentally in My word. Spend time with Me. The Lord your God. ”

Isaiah 65:11-16

Psalm 91:11-16


I think this is in reference to the second wave that is coming. I have been watching their is talk of the generically modified mosquitoes that will be released in New York and Florida. The company that manufactured these mosquitoes…..are linked to Bill Gates. Saints please be aware of this and put your Armour on daily. Daily in prayer.


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  1. I took this word to the Lord and He did not confirm it. This was written out of the soul. I’ve been in the prophetic for over 30 years. The level of rubbish on this site is deplorable.

    Please use better discretion 444 News Staff.

  2. BTW: I am all for prophecy and warnings. Thank you Jesus. I appreciate 444ProphecyNews for allowing critical thinking. One criteria in evaluating a warning prophecy – you want to consider? When you read it – the fear of the Lord (not fear but fear of the Lord) should fall on you. Need an example? Listen to Pastor Dana Coverstone. Need I say more? He has a word of warning and the maturity to deliver it. “The Destruction of the United States” by Hand Maiden devastated me. It took hours for me to get back to sleep.

  3. Marc

    David…a spirit of religious superiority.
    Is dangerous, misguided, rude all together.
    Glad I don’t have to deal with proud Christans…. I’ve got enough trouble.
    Amen Christ Jesus

  4. Debut

    @ David Gatewood – I applaud your refreshingly Honest and accurate review on this and many other fraudulent prophecies of this website. I too have been in prophecy for Decades and the level of fake prophecies on this Website is off the charts. No discernment at all.

  5. Rai

    Things have been posted on this site and then taken down once they turn out to be false. Its a bit weird because I will still see prophecies from that person on the site even though they prophesied falsely.

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