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Second Signal Hoisted On Battlefield – Edward Umling

Second Signal Hoisted On Battlefield

August 29 2020
Edward Umling


My son the second signal to be hoisted on the battle field is the fall of the stock market followed by panic, pandemonium and madness.

See How I shake and I shake and shake the Nations says the LORD. I strike at the heart. For this is the shaking I spoke about for there you have written: expect these things.

• Uncertainty among governments and leaders
• Chaos as to handle crisis
• Peace will be removed from leaders and given to my destroyer
• Economic uncertainty will pervade every economy
• Famine and pestilence will be a natural occurrence and the predominate topic among leaders.

Behold I have warned, I have warned, I have warned says the LORD. See now my son My people are awake. Will they look now at what is in their hand and still hold on to it.

I say they will throw it out into the streets to the dogs for their wealth will be loot to the wicked of the earth.

I will now put an end to the pride of the Mighty says the LORD.


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  1. Arizona

    HAVE AMERICANS LEARNED ANYTHING…NO THEY HAVEN’T,they cry for the blood of the kids,and the blood of the innoucent,..NEVER looking at who caused all these problems to start with,they LOVE their daddy satan and will never look his way…TILL ITS WAY TO LATE….

  2. David Mehew

    Arizona – people will pay a very high price to maintain the status quo, and the people in government know this because it is true of them even more so.

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