Scroll Vision: Catastrophic – Brett Creamer

Scroll Vision: Catastrophic

October 11, 2020 12:07 AM
Brett Creamer

My name is Brett Creamer and I have had several open, out of body visions. Several of these visions and dreams have come true and I am still waiting for the others to happen. My children all know that the Lord had shown me these visions and they want the Lord to show them visions as well. I tell them that when they pray, ask the Lord if He will give them a prophetic vision to bring God’s message to the world and also to help people be prepared for trouble that may be coming.

On October 11, 2020, my 13 year old son came to me with great confusion and concern. He told me that He was praying before bed and asked the Lord to show him prophetic vision of what is to come. When he asked this, he was awake with his eyes open and he was staring as his wall. He said the Lord showed him an old scroll a few feet from his face. He said it looked like the Constitution because it was old and tattered and it was rolled on the end. He said at the top of the scroll, he saw an old hand drawn eagle with its head facing to the right. When he told me about the eagle, I saw in my head the illustration of an American eagle, like the old ones that our government used to use at the top of documents. Since I am an artist, I quickly sketched out when I saw in my head and I said, “Did it look like this?” as I showed him the sketch. He looked amazed and said, “Yes! That is exactly what I saw!”. We both looked online through some images and this is similar (in shape and layout) to what he saw:×612&w=0&h=LT1ZW1LnBQVq6pfmzeW2AoPZyW405j1tsA-rpmgvnAE=

It was the top eagle in the link

Then, below the eagle, he saw a title, as of the eagle was specifically spread over the title, like protecting it, but he cannot remember what the title was as it went by quickly and he was still overwhelmed with what was happening. Then he saw words that he said looked like old hand written text like you see on the Constitution. He said he could not read it as it was small and the scroll started to move upwards and it was being unrolled. It became blurry as it moved upwards quickly. My son got several internal feelings when he was shown this scroll. When he first saw the scroll with the eagle and the text, he felt that this was a direct message for the USA. He said as it quickly was pulled upward and it was being unrolled, it was as if he was being shown an overview of the history of our country. When it got to the bottom of the unreadable text he saw a line of text that was very easy to read as it was in a more modern font and it read “November 5, 2020”. Then under that, he saw more old unreadable text that looked like it was detailing what would happen on November 5, 2020. Below that shorter passage of unreadable text, he saw the title “Catastrophic” at the bottom of the scroll. After he read the final lines, the scroll disappeared.

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