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Tess Ann McAllister



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Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ?

Yes daughter I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. Daughter I want to address you and rest of my first-fruits remnant bride and end time army in the issue of salvation. My daughter tell your brothers and sisters that I am coming quickly and that they need to be prepared. Also works or religion does not save. Only grace through faith saves!!! So many think that if they do enough “Good Works” that will get them into my kingdom. I say nay!!! it does not work that way!!! Daughter if works could save then what was my point of coming to Earth to die for all the sins of mankind ? My people no one is good enough to get into heaven !!! Does my word not say they only Father Yahweh is good and righteous ??? My word is clear about who is righteous and wicked. But all of you are fallen sinful mortals who need to repent !!! It is only me that can make you righteous before my father Yahweh . I am the way the truth and the life no one comes unto the father but by me !!! The only thing that can wash away your sin is my shed blood. I will not accept a lukewarm surrender where you go back to willing sinning after you repent and confess to me and my Father. My word states without holiness no one will see me or the Father. The only thing that can make you Holy is my shed blood and the free gift of eternal life. Eternal life is a free gift of grace not of works. Your works will NOT save you. Works are for producing fruit building and growing in faith and to be used for my glory and purposes. Works does not = salvation. You cannot buy your way into heaven either. Salvation is a free gift paid for by my blood on a cross available to all who accept and believe in me. Grace abounds when you break the commandments or sin. My people as long as your in your flesh and bone body you will make mistakes fall from grace fall short of my glory and mess up on a daily basis. You are human and fallen. This is why I ask you to repent each day because you fall short of my glory each day. If you confess and repent I am always quick and just to forgive. But you must be sincere. People who openly sin and intentionally sin after repenting will NOT inherit my kingdom. Grace is not a license to sin openly. Nothing you do or say will get you into heaven. I never asked you to be perfect just holy. You are to be in the world but not of it!!! The lukewarm will be left behind. And there is many who are lukewarm too many!!! I am coming for my first fruits remnant who have prepared themselves and made themselves clean in my blood. I am the lamb of God Slain before the foundation of the world. Daughter tell your brothers and sisters that they need to seek me while there is still time for them. Time is quickly drawing to a close and very soon I will be taking you and the rest of my remnant bride home to heaven with me. Only the holy and pure will see me!!!. I know this is a message that does not please the flesh . I am the king of kings and Lord of Lords and me and my Father do not tolerate sin . My holy word says the wages of sin is death that means physically dying and going to hell to spend eternity separated from me and my father!!! I will never deliver tickle the ears feel good messages or tell you what your flesh wants to hear. I AM THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL !!! Babylon shall fall. The nation I speak of is North America !!! Your leader will be taken out soon!!!. So many of the lukewarm have been deceived into thinking that America will be great again. I say WOE UNTO BABYLON I SHALL DESTROY YOR NATION DOWN TO ASHES AND RUBBLE IN ONE HOUR WITH THE FIRECENESS OF MY HOLY FIRE. MUCH DESTRUCTION CHAOS DEATH DARKNESS AND WRATH IS COMING TO YOU OH BABYLON NORTH AMERICA YOU ARE A PUTRID STENCH IN MY HOLY NOSTRILS!!! YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN THAT I CREATED MY WORD IS CLEAR THOU SHALT NOT KILL!!!! MURDER IS ALL YOU KNOW I HAVE BEEN WARNING YOU FOR YEARS TO REPENT BUT SO FEW HAVE HEEDED MY WARNINGS!! I AM COMING WITH JUSTICE AND FIRE !!! AMERICA YOY DIGUST ME AND SINCE YOU HAVE REJECTED ME I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU I WILL NEVER BLESS YOUR NATION AGAIN HOW CAN I BLESS A NATION THAT MOCKS SCOFFS AND HATES ME ? Why do you reject your own creator ? IT IS NOT YOUR PLACE TO SAY WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES THAT IS ENTIRELY UP TO ME AND MY FATHER !!! HOW DARE YOU WOE UNTO YOU YOU NATION OF WICKEDNESS !!! YOU ARE GOING DOWN THE ROAD OF DESTRUCTION FAST. AMERICA I AM NOT PLEASED WITH YOUR CHURCHES TEACHING A HALF TRUTH WATERED DOWN PROSPERITY GOSPEL. YOU WILL BE SPENDING ETERNITY IN HELL FOR LEADING SO MANY OF MY SHEEP ASTRAY .WHAT IS SIN IS SIN AND THERES NO CHANGING IT EVEN IF YOU PROMOTE, WALLOW, AND CHANGE THE LAWS I THE LORD DO NOT CHANGE AND I HAVE TO JUDGE SIN FOR WHAT IT IS. I YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH AM NOT PLEASED WITH THIS NATION OF WICKEDNESS. My people seek me in prayer worship repentance and my Holy word the Bible until I come for you . I AM THE LION OF JUDAH HAS SPOKEN

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