Sep 26, 2019 2:22 PM
Bella Orsi

The enemy will entice you with power, wealth and riches. Mammon signifies money and wealth. When our stewardship of wealth does not align with God’s purpose and plan, we can open ourselves to a door of demonic activities to enter and affect our lives and the lives of our love ones.

I find that covetousness can lead us astray and away from God. It encourages us to trust in our material possessions when we turn from God. When we attempt to serve God and Mammon we become unstable, double-mindedness. When this happens, we recognize MAMMON as a god when it leads us to worship material possession.

Did you know money can have curses attached to it? The bible list some names of people who were cursed by wealth or driven to impure motives to gain it. Judas, Esau, Gehazi, Ananias, Sapphira, Lot, Achan are a few examples you can research on your own. As we move forward with our spiritual knowledge against the enemy , we must renounce every issue of covetousness that is tied to MAMMON to break the curses.

Money is good when it is a servant to us and to God. However, we can become slaves to its dominion. It can become our idol. That is when it truly can become an evil eye. If we do not give and steward our own resources properly, we can become blinded by the deceitfulness of riches. The evil eye on the dollar bill becomes a demonic reality that blinds us and vexes our spirit.

In prayer, pray like this ~ Ask the Lord Jesus to shine his light on all darkness so you can see. Cry out for this in prayer over your life, family, territory, business and over your ministry if you have one. Let evil be revealed to you of the enemies motives. Make the windows of heaven open, every dark spiritual force that is trapped, oppressing or tormenting us in the past will flee. To give us a wind of change to blow apon us so we gain success in struggle against some difficulty or some obstacle that is impeding our path.

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  1. Rita

    Satan On The U.S. Dollar

    (In God We Trust [which is written on the dollar bill] – Satan is the god of this world)


  2. Bella

    Thanks for posting this sweet brother such a important message. The Holy Spirit wanted me to bring up this issue especially for celebrities and sport figures who value possessions and fame. It can transform you to that darkness I spoke about. We don’t have much time right now so you need to make decisions about being on the fence. Time to choose sides and stop living in sin. Purify my life with your refining fire. Malachi 2:17 Repent of all your sins and choose life choose JESUS!! This is the time to be doing that if you aren’t already. God Bless Bella

  3. TC

    Bella should send this to the leaders of our country, i.e., prez DT for example, as they set the example in our country. LOOK at their lavish lifestyles, just like all the other elitists that control us with their propaganda.

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