Satanic DNA – Liz Lau

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Satanic DNA

Juky 13 2020 12:07 AM
Liz Lau

This is a dream from August 11, 2017. In the dream I was standing outside and watching a long thin ribbon-like strand slowly drifting down in the air. It was very, very light and was carried about by the gentle breeze.​

I was expecting to see Satan fall and thought I would see an angry looking dragon rush down to earth, and wondered why this fragile and harmless looking ribbon came down instead. Then I saw flashes of light on the ribbon. I didn’t write this down on my journal, but if I remember correctly, there were 2 flashes, one at the top half of the ribbon, and one at the bottom half. The flashes reminded me of chemical reactions.​

Then I saw the word DNA in big block letters, right in the middle of my field of vision. End of dream.


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