Satan is at the Door! – 278pikelk

By 278pikelk

October 4, 2012 — Satan is at the Door!

Who am I taking to heaven? Not the people who attend church services one time a week. Not the people who are so busy serving in their churches that they can’t serve Me. Not the people that think they have found Me but really have no idea who I am. No. I am taking the weak, the confounded, the desperate, the shaken, the hated, the filthy, the poor, the unnoticed, the uncared-for, the detestable, and the meek. The people who have Me in their hearts, truly in their hearts. I am not a superficial God. I require to be held deep in your heart. I am not just a toy you can pull off the shelf and play with on occasion when it fancies you. I am not someone you can use when things are bad and need straightening out in your life, and when things are good and perfect, you leave Me at the door. My relationship with you requires constant attention. Unless you are in My word and abiding in Me, I can do nothing for you or your circumstances. Am I really truly first, number one in your life? Now is not the time to figure out that I am not. As the evil increases in your world, and the deception increases in your world, you had better be right with Me, or I cannot help you. My hands are tied. The only way that I will be able to give you an escape plan is if you can hear Me speak to you. The only way you can hear Me speak to you is if you are in MY word and in constant communion with Me. I love all of My creation. I love all people. As earthly time runs low, My people need to be sharing Me with their lost acquaintances. I will give you the words you need and make the hearts of the people receptive. Just speak of Me. From the beginning of the time, people have tried to predict Me. I am not predictable. The fulfillment of prophecies can be measured, yet until they are fulfilled, they are not totally understood by man. Have a humble heart when it comes to the prophecies. You may think you know, but you don’t. My ways are not your ways. My time is not your time. But My signs are your signs. Read the signs, but stop there, for no man knows the day or hour. This mystery is sure to confound, but when it takes your eyes off of Me and focuses them on the “when” and not the “who”, this is dangerous. Watchers, do keep watching and warning and alerting of the season you are in, the season, not the day or the hour. When you open your heart to Me and let My Holy Spirit flow in you, you will see the urgency of bringing the lost home to Me now. Who will call the lost if you don’t? This is the time of the harvest, plucking the souls destine for hell from its grips and pointing these souls towards an eternal destination with Me. Satan puts enough fear in the hearts of the lost. Be there to answer that fear with My truth. It is going to come to a point for many that they will be forced to make a choice. Make sure they know My name. How, when there is no water, will your nation’s river rise. Then will you believe Me. Be at peace but not lazy now. Harvest time is time of early rising and little rest. How can you sleep with the crop in the field ripe for the picking. This is the time. Once the frost comes, the crop will be ruined, and there will be no more time to harvest. Before the weather gets cold, start picking. I know My flock wants to come home now. They are anxiously awaiting their Shepherd. Do not give up hope, for I am coming. Things need to be in order though. Do not grow frustrated or weary. Live each day to the fullest. Live in the hope of your redemption. As it gets harder and harder to see and accept the evil in this world, call on Me. Do not be lulled to sleep and deceived. The deceiver is at the door. Do not think it’s safe to let him in.


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