Satan falling from the sky – Jennifer Beebe


Satan falling from the sky

July 31, 2020 8:50 AM
Jennifer Beebe

Last night I had a dream.

I was walking down a residential street and I noticed towards the end of the street there was a divider with some tall trees. It was dark out but the moon was very bright and was illuminating the sky. However, as I am walking I notice 2 men discussing something and it looked like someone ran over a mailbox or something in 1 of the mens yard. I didn’t feel the men were arguing just more discussing as if they were trying to figure out who did it.

I continued to walk and noticed a lightening bolt coming down from the sky and in my mind in the dream I thought at first it might be the rapture so I started to run. I was trying to see the lightening bolt but the tall trees were blocking my view. Finally, I get around the trees and I see 2 very big angels in the sky. They were big, beautiful and very illuminated and they were doing something. I could not see what they were doing but they were from what I remember on each side of the moon facing each other but again they were doing something I just could not tell what it was.  End of dream.

My thoughts…

The 2 guys were distracted by their worldly things. They were not paying attention to the moon, the lightening bolt or the angels. They were just so involved in who ruined whatever they had in their yard. That goes to show you the state of some people in our world today that they can’t see the signs in front of them. The lightening bolt…I asked a friend her thought and before she even said the words I heard in my spirit Satan falling from the sky. My friend said it but my spirit heard it before she even said it out loud. The reason I could not really see the lightening bolt is because the trees were protecting me which I attribute to Jesus and my faith. I was also seeing this big bright moon which also represents God and his protection. The 2 angels…I am not sure. When I woke up I immediately felt like they were the 2 witnesses coming but then again it could be 2 angels getting ready to do something else. I honestly do not know what they were doing but it was something.

Please pray and be blessed!


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