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San Fransodom – Steve Holmes

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San Fransodom

December 4, 2023 4:48 PM
Steve Holmes

December 4, 2023

I asked the Lord what he thinks of this filthy city and he answered, starting by telling me how it infuriates him. Then he said much more: “I provided incredible natural beauty for a city location and now it is a world renowned, overflowing public toilet- literally. If it were not for the righteous few still living there who still cry out to me day and night to have mercy upon the lost of that city and to withhold my judgment for their sakes, I would have already burned that city to the ground long ago, just as I did to Sodom and Gomorrah. Are not the ashes of those cities that reaped my judgment still visible today as a testimony against selfishness, pride, wickedness, depravity and debautchery between men in their unnatural desires for other men?. It is a an utter disgrace what that city has become and it is a blight upon mankind from the gates of hell to the gates of Heaven. Even those in hell know better.

I detest that city and all that it has come to represent with it’s filth, wickedness and debautchery. San Franciscans deserve the reputation they have sought- a city devoid of my presence. The men there are worse than brute beasts- mere animals, worse than the men of Sodom and Gomorrah with their defilement of the flesh, who even sought to defile my holy angels, even rejecting Lot’s misguided offer of handing over his virgin daughters so they could defile that which is holy and mine to satisfy their carnal desires. And do not presume that pedophilia- raping and trafficking little children and even filming such acts for profit does not happen in the City of Sewage by the Bay. It is rampant and those who have the responsibility to stop it “look the other way.” But I have seen all of it and I have heard the cries of the broken children, many of whom prefer death than living in their present circumstances of pain and confusion without hope.

The wicked women of San Francisco are no better than the men, with their man hating liberalism of Jezebel that condones utter depravity while they share with each other the pleasures I created to be shared only between husband and wife. They have no respect for the order I have ordained as they seek to be in power over men in their hearts to satisfy their cravings for rebellion and contempt for me.

I have given that city over to the depravity they crave as a lesson to the rest of the world that the choice of hedonistic “godlessness” where perversions and love of filth with no accountability leads to conditions on par with living in a septic tank or a crowded pig sty.

My tolerance for the wickedness of mankind has reached it’s end. My judgments have begun and I will not repent of cleansing of the land by violent destruction because the people who live on my land are obsessed with filthy, abominable acts of depravity, leading to violence, death and self destruction, right out in the open to the detriment of the souls of innocent children who are subjected to seeing the defecating, urinating, feces, urine, sexual depravity, drug induced comas, deaths and dead bodies, unrestrained theft, political excuses, chicanery and enabling on a daily basis, year after year. Seeing such things normalized destroys their souls and their reasonable expectations of growing up in a world that has a modicum of modesty, holiness and respect for me, their creator. Shall my soul and my holy name condone such a filthy, foul pity party held for the wicked who have chosen to live and die in a bed of their own filth, right out on the sidewalks of America and San Francisco in particular?

I will soon avenge my own holy name upon this trash heap city of human waste and those who defile it with their actions, attitudes and acceptance of this chosen standard of existence that is comparable to that of stray dogs, pigs and disease spreading vermin. I will not apologize to the cities of Sodom, Gomorrah or the other cities of the plain, and I will not apologize for destroying San Francisco and most of the Bay Area once the righteous have departed at my command. That exodus has already begun as I have opened doors for them to flee for safety and my mercy for them elsewhere. But the unrepentant of San Francisco are already singing their own funeral dirges: “Our rights!” “Equality!” “Don’t judge me!” “I make my own choices,” “My body, my choice!” “Pride week!” “Pride month!” “Pride 24/7/365” “God is a fairy tale!” “Satan is king!” “Satan is God!” “I can do whatever I want to!” “I am God!” “Don’t blame me because I have done nothing wrong!” “Love is love, and God is love, therefore he approves of me being gay!” “Who cares what God thinks?” “Hell will be one gigantic party and we can take over there too!” What utter folly. Shall a man mock his maker and live? Shall a city defile all that is holy and just and continue to exist?

Soon the last of the righteous will exit this city like Lot leaving Sodom. And many will look back in that day like Lot’s wife, who’s heart loved, longed for and coveted and status, convienience, and freedom to live any way she wanted to without accountability to me. San Francisco, your days are numbered unless you repent and live in righteousness and holiness before me. Your destruction awaits, and the rest of the world will know that it is I, Yahweh, who has righteously judged you for your defilement choices that you love so much. And many will secretly cheer your destruction because you are bitterness to the human soul the world over in your debauchery and filth.”

Vengeance is mine. I shall repay-
Declares Yahweh.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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