Safe Zones for the Children of God – Katie Troutman

Safe Zones for the Children of God

March 16, 2020 2:49 PM
Katie Troutman

I had been praying for a year for confirmation on exactly where to go to be safe from the trouble coming upon the United States. Then a couple of months ago, I had the following dream from the Lord revealing the two safe areas.

North Carolina

North Carolina

I saw a map of North Carolina outlined and shaded in bright red. While I was looking at the map, the Lord said,

“North Carolina will be uninhabitable due to flooding.”

This was the second time He gave me information on this. I currently live in North Carolina.

Then the dream shifted to a news forecast. I heard the newscaster saying the entire state of North Carolina was uninhabitable due to the flooding. It was a major disaster, I assumed it was a tsunami.

Ozark Mountains

Ozark Mountains

Then I saw a map of the Ozark mountains, including part of Arkansas and part of Missouri. The Lord told me, “This is ideal. This is the best place to be.”

Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains

Then I saw a map of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina. I saw an elongated portion of the map, which was highlighted in blue. Then the Lord told me, “This is a safe zone.” It was almost like a vision within the dream.

Then I began to dream about many obstacles coming in our way to prevent us from actually getting there. Then I woke up.

A couple of months ago, the Lord told me to pray like never before. Since then I have had an intense, deep groaning of my prayer language. I cannot stop praying. Night and day …day and night.
I believe the time of warnings is almost over and we are entering into the time we will actually experience these events.

Remember, God’s Word will NEVER change and we all have the power to create through our spoken words. Life and death are in the power of our tongue. It’s time to be strong in the Power of His MIGHT and take comfort under the shadow of His wing.

The most important thing we can do is first, get right with the Lord, and second, know who you are in Christ. Holiness and relationship are the keys.

Never give up. No matter what happens . No matter how bad it is. No matter how you feel and no matter what you lose. Never give up! Encourage yourself in the Lord. In our darkest hour He is right there with us. We are never alone. With God ALL things are possible.

Katie Troutman

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  1. Mathew

    Katie, you said you had this dream a couple of months ago, but it looks like you posted something very similar on Z3 News on 6 May 2016.

  2. In Missing 411, people (hikers, etc) have gone missing from the Smokies. There’s things you can do. Stay together, NEVER let your eyes leave your young ones! Or anyone else! Do NOT wear bright clothes, carry a gun/bear spray, transponder/satelite phone (do not know if that’s safe), water purifier (straw), etc. David Paulides has advice. BE SAFE!

  3. seacelt

    Hi Katie! You are correct about the lower elevations of NC but back in 2007 the Lord gave me very specific instructions to create a safe haven in the high elevations of the mountains of NC.
    He said to look for a property over 2,000 ft elevation, with its own natural water source, in a rural area with farmable land and stay on the east side of the Appalachian Mountains. He said to start growing food, raising livestock and prepare to live off the grid.
    I have done all these things. I am located very lose to East TN and at a very high elevation. I have met many people from all over the US who have been guided like me to this area and others similar to it in the southern Appalachians. It has more to do with elevation as a major factor and wind patterns that blow across the mountains which may come as a result of nuclear attacks, volcanic ash in the air etc.
    Anything too close to the New Madrid fault zone He showed me is a very dangerous place to be because of it being triggered at some point whether naturally or thru man-made weaponry like HAARP. The Lord has shown me in visions the country literally being divided in half, split apart thru major earthquakes going off in this area.
    Some parts of the Ozarks will be ok and others not…. so PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for specific guidance and revelation! All is not as it seems!
    Anyone interested in more can contact me on FB book at: Days of Noah – Fallen Angels, Hybrids and the Alien Deception
    God bless you all! Keep seeking Jesus! He is your hope and salvation!

  4. madelyn

    I live in the Cumberland Plateau area of North Georgia and Tennessee. I also lived in the 4 state area of the Ozarks. The Heartland. Both areas high elevation. STRATEGIC RELOCATION:NORTH AMERICAN GUIDE TO SAFE PLACES list both these areas. The book lists every state rating it on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 the safest. Florida and coastlines are a zero. The Midwest mountains the safest. Due to elevation and low population. MOST of the population lives east of the Mississippi River. And it’s NOT down the middle. MOST of the food grown/trucking west of the Mississippi. The safest place to be? RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF GOD’S WILL!!! I don’t always know where God’s taking me. But I know how I’ll get there. One yes at a time. Xo 😇 💖 👑 🔥 💥 💨 💦 💫 🌟 🌠

  5. Katie Troutman

    Matthew, both of these are reposts of what I had written 4 years ago in 2016. These were posted on z3news and Meranda Devans site Why God Really Exists. It’s the same article from back then that I wrote that’s why it says that..

  6. Katie Troutman

    Seacelt – Hi, there my brother or sister. I feel God’s Holy Spirit in every thing you’ve written. I imagine that when the water washes over the state of North Carolina and it makes it to the mountains and washes over them as prophesied by many. ( Dr. Patricia Green. ). I believe you truly will be standing in all God has told you to do that day and exactly where he has placed you BUT I.also know what He showed me is true and that we will hear of the news reports saying the state is uninhabitable. I also know God gave me that dream. I agree with you that you must pray pray and pray about where you are in the safe zones. I know He showed me the Ozarks on a map the entire shape. I hadn’t researched the mountains ranges out. I did not know the shapes of either. It was just as he showed me. That’s all I can go on my friend. It’s what I know just as you.
    Chuck Youngbrandt has seen North Arkansas as a safe area. He is a proven prophet. Cori ten Boom saw northwest Arkansas as divinely protected land. Jim Baker has a safe zone set up here and like you have heard of and met many people told by God to move here. God bless you .

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