Safe havens! – Elizabeth Marie

Elizabeth Marie

April 5, 2018

safe havens!

LORD, is there a message YOU want me to bring to your people?
Yes, there is a message. I want you to know that I am coming to rescue MY BRIDE from all the cruelty that is now here. She will rise up to meet me in the air and forever be with ME. I, also, long for this glorious day.
Much is about to happen now on the events of the world. What is coming is much more than a catastrophe, it is an earthshaking tremor. It will right many wrongs and set the record straight. It is a purging of the good and bad, the wheat and tares, the goat and sheep. It must come and have its full effect.
I am calling MY people out of harms way. I am moving them from one location to another. The move shall be swift. It shall be unexpected. Just as in the days of Lot.
It is time for those who have heard my voice to act on what they have heard. Do not put off the instructions I have given to you. Act on them now! Leave Babylon [the physical and spiritual system of Babylon], and find a safe haven. I have placed them strategically all over America. Seek me on which one you should go to–if I have called you to them, then I will show you. NOT ALL have to flee. Only those I call. Do not harden your hearts when I call, but obey.
This is a new time where I will be leading my people out of harms way.
I have come that they might have life and have it more ABUNDANTLY. END OF MESSAGE
“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10
God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Psalms 46:1
I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!” Psalms 91:2
For in the day of trouble He will conceal me in His tabernacle; In the secret place of His tent He will hide me; He will lift me up on a rock. Psalms 27:5

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    Elizabeth Marie is latterrain333

  2. Prophetess Dottie

    When there are multiple warnings concerning dire situations or there’s a possibility of any dangerous/severe weather conditions; we can ALWAYS look to JESUS CHRIST for comfort and PROTECTION!

    “We live within the shadow of the ALMIGHTY, sheltered by God Who is above ALL gods. This I declare, that He alone is my refuge, my place of SAFETY; HE IS MY GOD, and I am trusting Him. For He rescues you from every trap, and protects you from the FATAL PLAGUE. He will shield you with HIS WINGS! They will shelter you. His faithful promises are you armor. Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the DANGERS OF THE DAY. Nor dread the PLAGUES OF DARKNESS, nor DISASTERS IN THE MORNING.

    Though a thousand fall at my side, though TEN THOUSAND are dying around me, the EVIL WILL NOT TOUCH ME. I will see how the wicked are punished but I WILL NOT share it– For JEHOVAH is my refuge! I choose the GOD above all gods to shelter me. How then can evil overtake me or any plague come near? For He orders HIS ANGELS** to protect you wherever you go–

    PSALM 91: 1-11

    ** One summer several years ago, the local meteorologists were predicting a very dangerous TORNATIC outbreak for our area. Of course people were preparing in various ways– But during my PRAYER TIME, I saw in a VISION– several GIANT ANGELS surrounding our house!! One ANGEL was so TALL– I COULD NOT SEE HIS HEAD– it extended into the HEAVENS!! We give JESUS CHRIST– ALL THE GLORY for shielding us from the dangerous storms!

    Over 36 years ago– the HOLY SPIRIT instructed our family to move AWAY from the East Coast of the United States. At that time, we hadn’t been WARNED about the destruction and catastrophic events that would take place along the eastern part of the U.S. As time has passed, we getting more warnings about this. We pray that more people will take the earnest HEED to the directions and instructions from JESUS! Noah and Lot took heed—

    • Mary Blankenship

      Prophetess Dottie….I live 8-10 miles from the coast in NC and I was going to move to Kentucky with a friend that offered me a place in a new condo…I prayed about it last year and I heard twice in a week “You are where I want you to be”…I kept hearing person after person talk about tsunamis on East Coast and I told my Sister Krystal Beall that I don’t want to drown in a tsunami…I would rather die in a car accident….which I have lived through 4 car accidents, 3 motorcycle accidents, and a 6 ft 7 man kidnapping/strangling me…she told me on the phone “I’m hearing from Jesus right now and He says you won’t be drowned.” Then, a financial hardship came up with my living situation, because I am by myself and Father had told me to get out of College, when I was 12-15 classes away from graduating and I was going to move to KY, again…well, a miracle happened…my landlord wiped away my $8,000 debt and lowered my rent for my to stay here…leading me to believe Yeshua still wants me to stay here. I was here, when hurricane Matthew came up our coast in past year or so…it flooded inland…I got no flooding, but my light pole cracked in half…I still had electricity and the light pole fell at the bottom of my back steps-no harm to me or my animals occurred …when hurricane Jose/Maria came up the coast line…I was going to go to the mountains and Yeshua scolded me …told me “Didn’t I tell you to trust in Me & lean not to your own understanding and in all your ways trust in Me and I will direct your path? Walk by Faith and not by sight…don’t worry about that hurricane”…Now, as it inched up closer and closer to me along the coast the next day last year, I won’t lie and tell you that I was NOT nervous, after it devastated Puerto Rico…yet, I KNOW what I was told by Yeshua and I stood on my FAITH…sure enough, hurricane Maria stayed so far out in the ocean from the coast that I only saw gray clouds and felt a trickle of rain…no wind…He keeps telling me “Abide in Me/My Word and I will shelter you under My Wing”…I am not hearing anything personal other than that…I believe fleeing is NOT for everybody…just like latter rain 333 stated in her video…I believe He will protect some just where they are for whatever reason that only He knows….just as He did when I went through these hurricanes living 8-10 miles from the beach on the coast of NC. FEAR is NOT of God and He has told me that, too and if it creeps in to call His Name and I will feel Him like the wind. Besides that …I already met Him in my near death experience, when my heart stopped twice , at the age of 19 and I KNOW just as soon as your heart beats the last beat and you breath your last breath of air…INSTANTLY, you are in The Spiritual Realm with Him…just like the Rapture is supposed to be…so either way…it’s a win win situation. Everybody has a different path with Yeshua…like my Sister In Christ that is a Watchman on the wall on YouTube thinks she is being told she will have to leave her unsaved family and home, yet I’m not hearing anything about leaving, but I agree with you and latter rain 333 if you are instructed to do something by The Holy Spirit…just do it.

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