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Saddest Dream I’ve Ever Had – Whitney Eslick Manuel

Saddest Dream I’ve Ever Had

Mon, Jun 17, 2019, 9:30 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

I’m not sure when exactly when I had this one- it was sometime around 2014. This was one of the saddest dreams I have ever had- rivaled only by my dream of Hell.

In this dream, I remember it like it was yesterday, I was sitting down on some steps. They were concrete and very large, like you see at a monument in DC or something. As I sat near the top of these huge steps, I saw in front of me a body of water, like either a harbor or an ocean. It was large and I did not see it’s end either ahead of me or to the right or left.

I happened to look up and behind where I was sitting and I saw the Statue of Liberty. She was HUGE and blue, very very blue, like a smurf blue sort of a color. I gazed in wonder at this very large and very blue beautiful statue, when suddenly I saw what looked like a movement in the eyes. I looked intently and saw her face animate right there in front of me, as if the statue was alive! It was amazing! I was shocked, but the shock quickly turned into sadness when I saw her face wrench in pain, especially her eyes. I could tell she was in enormous emotional pain, tremendous internal turmoil. I felt such compassion and wished with all I was that I could help. At this, she somehow knew my thoughts and could discern my desire to help her. She took the time, even amidst her terrible pain, to look down at me and try to give me a smile.

Her smile was so telling. It was as if she saw my sadness for her and appreciated it greatly; yet, she knew I could be of no help whatsoever. But even in her knowing I could do nothing at all to help, she still very much appreciated that I cared, perhaps that anyone cared, and wanted to show that appreciation with a smile- like a recognition. But Lady Liberty’s smile was not full, in fact her lips barely moved. You could tell it was a “Thanks for caring, but it doesn’t help” type of smile. It made me think of watching someone go their execution and how a bystander might feel great sympathy for the accused, but it’s of no actual help. The accused might feel just a bit of gratitude that someone actually cares he is about to be executed, but it still won’t stop what is to come.

This is exactly what Lady Liberty’s look toward me seemed to clearly spell out. She gave me that half smile and then bent down with her enormous form and kissed me right on my lips! This also was an amazing, but very tragic, feeling.

Then, I turned back around toward the body of water and saw Lady Liberty’s decapitated head hovering above it. Her eyes were wide open and her whole head faced down at the water, so she was looking at her fate and knew what was to come. I watched her head very slowly, so slowly, lower into the water until it could be seen no more. It never resurfaced.

Then the scene changed and I found myself walking through the streets of a city; they looked like market streets and many of these seemed to be somewhat underground. While walking through these streets, I said aloud in my dream that I had just received a vision from the Lord and that it was important that I share it with the people. Upon waking, I cried and cried because there was such a feel of great sadness in the dream.

For months after I had this dream, I cried just thinking about it; just thinking about that look of pain in the squint of her eyes. I don’t remember exactly how long ago this dream was. I’m terrible at recording these things, but it was about 5 years ago (it is now 2019). I posted this dream before on FB, but felt I should share it again. I believe it’s fulfillment is at hand. May we, all of us, repent and trust in Jesus/ Yeshua. May God have mercy on us~


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