Russian Leadership from a Crowd – Immanuel Acree


Russian Leadership from a Crowd

April 2, 2022
Immanuel Acree

4/1/22 Dream:

(I am not Russian and I have no connection to Russians. I am just reporting my dream with candid observation of the facts)

I see a group of A-List movie actors as if from a particular movie promotion; they are seated in a spotlighted area listening to a British comedian, and behind them is a big crowd of international audiences. His jokes are worse than filthy. I truly can’t even believe that anyone could tell such jokes in public. Maybe a psycho or satanist pedophile would, but not a public comedian. He looks to me like one of the Monty Python people. His jokes are so dark and twisted I don’t want to repeat them here. The A List actors are looking at each other wondering how to react. I hear them. A woman says to a man, something like, “Well you are ____, so what are you thinking?–do it”. Not quite but she said something like that. When this man stands up, we see that he has some kind of Slavic / Russian background, somehow allowing him to speak from that past. As he turns his back on the comedian to walk off stage, the part of the crowd that speaks Russian–maybe 100 people or more— starts cheering for him in Russian as a unit, uniformly  despising the comedians filth.

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