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RUSSIA WILL ATTACK – Justin Adkinson


October 6, 2020
Justin Adkinson

Speak Watchman for the TIME is at hand!

As I was seeking the Lord today he spoke these words to me during my quiet time with him so that I would share them. At the time I was only seeking the Lord and asking him to show me what is coming. I always leave it open for him to give me something to share and he did just that. Here it is. Please take heed and listen to what the Spirit is saying to the church. The sleeping church needs to wake up before it’s too late.

Jeremiah 51:8 “Babylon is SUDDENLY fallen and destroyed:…”

Russia will attack the United States of America. They will nuke major cities and then take over this nation. China and other nations that hate America will join Russia to help make sure we do not rise again. The word of God speaks of this exact thing happening to nations that reject him. God’s judgment is here on this nation for all of the unrepentant sins this nation has committed against a holy and righteous God. Our pride and arrogance as a people and nation has brought the judgment of God upon it. Christians living here are mostly lukewarm and are the Laodicean church God talks about in the last days. The church does not preach the truth straight from the word of God or from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in their leaders. There is no preaching of repentance for fear of the people and they don’t preach to have a closeness with Jesus anymore. No one “works” out their own salvation or strive to enter into the kingdom of heaven because of laziness which is rampant in the church today. There is no fear of God in the church. We are supposed to have the FEAR of the Lord in order to have the beginning of wisdom, but not many have this fear of the Lord God. Since most professing christians don’t have the fear of the Lord, then they don’t have any wisdom but are instead ignorant of the truth found in the word of God. They don’t have the filling of the Holy Spirit so that their lamps are filled with oil and made ready for Jesus, who is coming for his watchful and ready bride.

By spending time in prayer and in God’s word, asking for the Holy Spirit to speak to me, I am able to hear from the Lord. I used to be lukewarm and didn’t really fear the Lord as I should have because I lived for my-selfish desires instead of for what the Lord Jesus wanted. What I realized was that I could not know the things of God on my own or in my own wisdom. That was actually pride on my part thinking I knew Jesus enough and his word without spending time with him in prayer or reading his living word. Now that I fully surrendered to the Lord I have found that I desperately need Jesus to speak to me, guide me, direct my path, correct me in my life where I need it most, and to speak his truth to me into my heart. Of course my heart must be open to hearing him and I need to make sure my heart is right with him. I need a repentant, humble, and contrite heart just like God’s word says. If I come to him or read his word with sin still in my heart then I will not be able to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. That is why I need to be fully surrendered to the Lord so he can pour out his wisdom into my life. The Holy Spirit can then do his work on my heart and in my life so that I can be the watchman that he has called me to be.

The scripture the Lord brought me to today regarding the dream he gave me about Russia and the nuclear explosion happening here where I live in California, was in Joel. The day of the Lord can represent the rapture of the true church while at the same time sudden destruction falls on this nation. Because we have not as a nation fallen on our faces before God in repentance. We have not cried out to God even as a church because the church is teaching doctrines of devils. They teach that Jesus is not coming anytime soon or that we as christians need to take over this world so Jesus can come back sometime in the distant future. LIES!! These are lies from the PIT OF HELL! So many are following man instead of God. They rely on a sinful man who is an actual wolf in sheep’s clothing teaching about the things their itching ears want to hear instead of the truth. These leaders use the name of Jesus throughout their teachings they come up with as a “sermon series” instead of seeking the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit to give them words to lead their flock. Their translations they use of God’s word is also filled with maggots as they preach from non Holy Spirit inspired interpretations of men instead of from God. This is as if feeding the flock maggots.

Joel 1:14-15

The word of God confirms what he has been speaking and warning through his many watchmen. Many true Christ followers have been on fire for the Lord God and have spoken warnings for many years to warn this nation to turn back to God. These great men of faith have almost all gone on to be with the Lord but their messages have been confirmed by other watchmen today. God is pouring out his spirit upon all flesh giving them visions and dreams because these are the last days. I have seen the attack by Russia first hand in the one dream God gave me and this dream was beyond real. I was given this dream to help push me out of my lukewarm christian life where I was living for my selfish desires and pursuing “things” this world offered instead of fully surrendering to the Lord.

The day of the Lord will be as fire! He will send fire upon the earth as judgment upon mankind and it’s made extremely clear in the word of God that this will happen. The hour is late and many are on the wide road to destruction with the rest of the unbelieving world. This message is for someone out there who needs to hear the truth and wake up before it’s too late.

Joel 1:19

Joel 2:3

This day of the Lord will be a day of darkness and gloominess. There will be clouds and thick darkness that this world has never seen. The land we live in will be burned up along with all the works we have done for our selfish desires and not for the Lord Jesus. He tells us to store up our treasures in heaven for a reason. Why don’t we listen AND obey the word of God? Because we are a rebellious and stiff necked generation of lukewarm christians. There will be many who will cry out knowing they were left behind to face the antichrist and the beast system we are seeing setup today. The beast system will require you to have a mark in/on your right hand or forehead to buy and sell anything. But if you take this mark to buy and sell, you are choosing eternity in HELL where you will burn with an everlasting fire, while also being tormented by demons who hate mankind who are made in the image of God.

If you choose not to take this mark, then you will be persecuted and even killed with your head being cut off. The word of God does not lie so why doesn’t anyone believe what it says or teach the truth? It’s because they have a love for this world that is GREATER than the love they claim to have for Jesus their savior. I do believe that Jesus is omnipresent and those who cry out to him during the great tribulation will be able to stand boldly against taking this mark even unto their death. This will be the only way to make it into heaven after the rapture of the true church which is going to be very few who make it from the time of the resurrection of Jesus. But if you do die for your faith and belief in Jesus then you will be carried up to heaven and protected by God under his throne while the wrath of God is poured out onto the entire world.

Look around you and see how life has changed. You are forced to wear a mask to buy and sell. CONDITIONING! Next you will be forced to take a mark to go into a store and buy food. Will you take it? Think about this and choose what you want to do. God gives all mankind a choice. We can choose the truth which is Jesus and the LIVING word of God or choose what our lukewarm pastors are tickling our ears with and go to hell. The choice is given to all and the Lord is wanting to warn as many people as possible of what is here now! He is saying WAKE UP! Come to me and I will give you rest.

This message is urgent and as a watchman I am being obedient in sharing it. The Lord has placed it on my heart and wants someone to hear that the only hope is to turn to Jesus today. You are not promised tomorrow. No one is promised tomorrow. Many live their life for themselves instead of fully surrendering to the Lord each and every day. Come to Jesus and surrender to him. Believe in your heart that he died for your sins on the cross and rose from the grave three days later. Repent of your sins so that he can come into your heart and make you a new creation. He can heal your brokenness that no one else can and give you peace and joy that is beyond our understanding. Time is running out. Soon time will be called in. Then there will be no more time to cry out to him. Sudden destruction is coming and many will be caught in it as well, with no time to repent for their lukewarm life. Narrow is the way to eternal life. The way is so narrow that only through the begotten Son of God Jesus Christ can someone be saved from eternal death of their soul. Wide is the road that leads to destruction. Many are on that road today and will find themselves in hell when their life ends, if they don’t come out of their self pleasing lifestyle of pursuing this world. Any one of us can be called home through death at anytime. Where will your eternal home be? Heaven? Or hell?

Choose this day who you will serve.


A watchman until I am called home

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