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Russia Attacks Manhattan, Trump Killled – God’s Handmaiden

Message Concerning Russia

God’s Handmaiden


hello everyone this is sister Mary I’m
gonna bring you a message received
today November the 6th 2019 at 1:24 p.m.
do not neglect in preparing your future
is sealed in me you all have a little
more to do and some have a lot more you
have Christmas ahead of you the idea of
more gathering one more gathering one
more home-cooked meal and one more time
to cherish be careful what you wish for
more is in store for you it is up on you
and even at your door no shiny and
bright no joy is in store only heartache
and heartbreak as you will see loved
ones soon break from the quake I have
told you my children you must stay awake
prepared and preparing for the attack of
the enemy he is currently making plans
as to how he will strategically enter
into the USA he is Putin he has military
at your banks this is a bank on a river
you must stay focused the hour is upon
you of much shaking you who have done
nothing to prepare will be in despair
I’ve told you through my truest
of messengers a lot happens before I
reach burn to receive thee in the air I
love thee with an unending love I
cherish thee with my shedding blood to
cover the sin so that all may humbly
enter in I have all but begged and
pleaded with you to get ready the one
you currently have and trust to be there
will be taken away suddenly many will
not know what happened or to
leave now this is speaking of our
current president an explosion will
happen in Manhattan where your King
resides will be struck I’ve warned all
to be prepared and some to prepare so
that others would be spared missiles in
the air
New York missiles in the air over your
Harbor and Long Island
you need no mediums here to speak as I
choose to speak through my modern-day
prophets and Watchmen soon and much
sooner than you think
all will be all that has been spoken as
a token unto thee will be you will see
yes many will perish in the chaos and
fires near major cities will be on fire
backed into a corner
Putin has become caused by your current
one in office I told you before these
things prophesied will indeed be you
just need to believe before you see so
many innocent ones never told no which
way will they go he is speaking about
this current generation and the
parenting skills or the lack of should
have discipline these innocent ones
while you had the chance for now not
only will they be hard to handle and
scream not from terror the real true
terror that will be seen but screaming
and demanding you give them what they
want and do it bit now what have you
done America to this current generation
and the ones before how you have let
Satan be in control in your own homes
having a child but not training them up
to obey me much less you freedom you
have given freedom to choose even their
own gender freedom to say no I will not
do so even when you know the out
what have you done parents to these the
innocent ones shame and guilt is upon
you and they now will blame you shouting
I have no idea
shouting from the top no shouting from
the rooftops because you knew what is
too good to be true is true now you will
pay and suffer the consequences of your
own doings buying them things everything
just to keep up with society’s demands
do you understand what you have done
raised a generation that no longer knows
me the creator of this world I am the
great I am no one shall stand that does
not obey my every command woe is you Oh
America your fate is in your hands who
shall stand in this hour your enemy
stands ready to do battle upon your soil
it will be America the land of the free
will no longer be your pompous and
boastfulness will be regretful as your
enemy has studied your foolish ways of
life for some time now he knows your
every weakness and the lack of respect
you have allowed your youth to have are
your children ready if not they will be
found because of their loudness not
getting their own way you have shown
them this is the only way to get
everything they won’t command it first
but then take from others that you may
have after all is said and done they
will be taken captive by the enemy only
my children will be hidden from the
conquering the greatest enemy America
has ever seen foreign forces will come
in those in the largest of cities along
the borders are in the most danger your
grids will be taken down all wells will
power plants will explode and implode
before your very eyes as the fires will
light up your night skies and darkness
in the day covered by fire and smoke
darkness has never seen before not only
spiritually but a physical darkness will
be seen only believe even a movie scene
will not be descriptive enough you are
not truly prepared for this enemy he is
a king by his own power and strength he
will by any means use force whatever
necessary to conquer and rise above the
ashes of your once great and powerful
nation he will wage a war like you’ve
never seen before he is a man of war he
is tired of the games your president
plays many a nation has been conquered
by America bringing troops in to come a
given war-torn area only when they are
at peace from the terror of the enemy
for America’s president to pull troops
once again leaving them bare and in
present danger again and again America
you have many enemies they are as one
with one thing to accomplish conquer and
rule no one lives like the Western world
you have had your fun in the Sun and
your evil has come to surrounding
countries turning even the most solemn
to fills and unholiness while a coup is
staged in your own country your enemies
watch and devise a sinister plan to do
away with you as they can plan America
plan and do all that you can you will
not shoot your way out of this one you
will obey my commands to stand I shall
lead thee beside still waters calm you
mom you will find in the most terrible
of storms America your country as you
know it is weak you will sink into the
hands of your enemies you have turned
your back on me you’re righteous and
holy King I say repent but it is fallen
on deaf and dumb’ ears having eyes to
see and ears to hear all that is to be
you refuse to believe this will be it is
upon you even as we speak
seek me and you shall find your risen
Savior has been here besides you all
your live long days but you’ve wasted
yeh squandered your youth and now you
are allowing worse to come up on this
ignorant and defiant of all generations
speak to the degenerate before it’s too
late for believe me when the attack
comes you will have no way in which to
communicate no mass form of
communication to tell you which way is
now safe as your children are hidden and
start to make a sound
because you have taught them there is no
harm as in other nations it’s your turn
o America where will the enemy come in
on this side or that no worries he will
I was writing so fast no worries
he will have you surrounded
as his troops are a massive man army
ready to take all captive on this given
day teacher young to be quiet much
danger they will put you all in as they
go on and on making sounds your enemy
will surround your camps and take you
far away they will rise your own they
we’ll use your own permissions to feed
themselves I have no idea hmm your will
hide themselves in Bunker’s your rich
will hide themselves and bunkers leaving
the masses to be captured and
slaughtered I speaking to you the truth
the danger is present and oh so real
seek me now in wisdom and knowledge
I am truth seek and ye shall find ignore
and neglect these warnings and know that
the harm that is coming will be as a
storm you cannot seem to shed that’s the
end I apologize for not pre reading it I
wrote it and I was hearing it so quickly
I wrote it that fast in my handwriting
you can tell but that’s ok we got the
message we got the warning no I don’t
know the timing but I do believe this
lines up with Jeremiah chapter 38 and 39
and if you do not know what has been
going on between Putin and president
trunk Russia America America you stand
in the way a lot of the times and get
involved in other countries business and
so we have accumulated a lot of enemies
these enemies are coming together to
form an alliance
if they take America out of the way then
they can freely attack Israel but Israel
has already said by their Prime Minister
Netanyahu which right now is not
considered the prime minister they’ve
put somebody else in charge because even
their elections did not go as hoped and
I know a lot of you have hopes and
dreams that President Trump will be
reelected and I’m just here to tell you
even if he is his time is short and if
you are not preparing every day your
homes your heart and
your children it’s time to wake up smell
the coffee before it burns smell the
roses before they wilt and dry up and go
away these things are coming they are
already prophesied your true messengers
are going to be proven correct and those
who give you just feel good messages
you’re gonna find out who they are they
are working for the other team and we’re
on Team God number one King of Kings
Lord of lords the creator of heaven and
earth all things written in the book the
Holy Word will come to pass we are that
generation that will not pass away until
all these things come to fruition come
to completion so as usual I’m going to
continue to bring you every message the
Holy Spirit gives it is my duty
appointed by God ordained by him
to warn you the masses whoever will
listen and heed the warnings before it’s
too late and I know that there are a lot
of young people raising children and if
you’re if you would just listen to your
grandparents or go back and talk to your
parents and maybe you do have to go back
to a grandparent even a
great-grandparents there are things that
go on with our young people that would
not have been tolerated those children
degenerates as the Holy Spirit called
them would have been stoned back in
biblical times but would have been
whipped with a belt a switch a flip-flop
a shoe a spatula anything during my day
and the next generation which my
children are in which is that 30-ish
aids and below and then there’s this new
generation there’s lots of generations
but with each time it seems like within
10 years things have gotten a lot worse
the last time I worked with school-aged
children was two summers ago but the
last time I worked in the school system
was 2010 I knew back in 2010 that their
were getting out of hand and that the
rebellion that I saw against the parents
was more than I could stand so it wasn’t
about being in the school anymore it
wasn’t about how much you earn our
status quo I now work in a preschool and
I’m gonna tell you even though it is a
Christian based preschool
I still see where two and
three-year-olds four or five year olds
even one year olds rule the roost they
scream to the top of their lungs until
they get what they want and this
generation this parenting generation
that’s bringing them up for the most
part do not know what to do with them so
they hand them a device something that
will keep their attention so you know
because they’re working and they’re
serving Mammon there’s there we live in
Babylon and we’ve got to come out of
that system but right now it’s a reality
we work we pay bills and you know Satan
has us exactly where he wants us and so
grandparents if you’re hearing me help
your children raise those young children
do believe me when I say that if your
children do something to you they also
do it to their caregivers their teachers
do not be uninformed that you think they
turn into somebody else when they go
somewhere else you are to raise them and
train them up in the way of the Lord and
to correct them when they act out but
this warning right here specifically
from the Holy Spirit is something that
is going to come to pass
and what I was seeing was children and
families being in hiding when this
military bunch comes about and because
their young ones are so used to
electricity and so used to having what
they want they were giving their
location unknowingly there they just
they are a product of their environment
so if your environment is chaotic you
need to control it you are the parent
you have all authority given by God a
man of the household you have been given
head of that household head of that
family stand up and correct talk to your
wife if she sides with the children but
talk to her because these times are
coming they are coming they are here
upon us and all of these key players are
on the scene right now so I’m going to
end it with that I pray that you all are
well I also pray as always you put your
faith in your trust in Jesus Christ he
is the only way the truth and the life
without him there is damnation there is
wrath because of the indignation of the
nation’s the filth and the sin has long
since reached his nostrils the shedding
of innocent blood aborted children daily
his judgments are here and they’re going
to continue but the the we’re reading
the end of the book we’re reading
Jeremiah but we’re also reading
revelation these things are happening
and unfolding in our lifetime so I pray
that you heed the warnings I pray that
if you’re in these large cities that you
consider what you shall do if there was
military feet on your streets do you
have a plan the other thing that I would
warn you when the Lord said something
about quakes we know that this is
earthquakes when he said something about
power plants and he talked about your
grid being down see your enemy studies
your way of life and right now America
is so complacent and so thankful for
everything that they have as far as
technology and yet Russia I think has a
cap on their technology and I know China
has a cap on their technology what they
allowed their people to know about other
countries so America the land of the
halt the home of the
free and the brave but nothing is free
and we can only be brave when we put on
the full armor of God nothing is free
everything comes at a great price
men and women have given their lives so
that you have these freedoms so I know
what the Holy Spirit has said before
that once this president is taken out
there will be an antichrist that comes
in after so that is how I will end it
Thank You brothers and sisters


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