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Running with Horsepower – LaTonya Canada-Christ

Running with Horsepower

Sep 10, 2019, 7:05 PM
LaTonya Canada-Christ

I had the following dream about 3 weeks ago
The dream is as follows:

I was running in a certain direction. As I was running a black horse ridden by a black rider passed me going the opposite direction. I kept running, and as I ran I leapt off a curb where there was a decapitated head of a Saint Bernard. His head laid there, no blood or body to be seen. It was cut clean off. I kept running. At a short distance from me was approaching a long haired black wolf-dog. I told it not to mess with me in a stern serious voice. The dog passed on my left and circled back around me as I kept running. The wolf-dog leapt into the air to attack me straight on and I shot him in the underbelly 6 times, all while running. I never saw him hit the ground. I never looked back. I kept running and woke up. (I found this type of dog is a Belgian German Shepherd)

Understanding: The black horse and rider is famine. And this famine that is passing by the Body of Christ is the END of lack in a sense of power and ability to overcome obstacles. We are steadily running with increased power, understanding and identity. The beheaded Saint Bernard is the END of an era of believers responding to lies of the devil, hindering spirits, false doctrines, evil agendas, commingling of pure and vile, and propaganda of the world using mellifluous words. It is the end of the body of Christ using smooth words to address the enemy. The Catholic Saint Bernard was called Doctor Mellifluous. This comes from origin in Latin meaning “honey flowing”. The body of Christ will run full stride in the Father’s business, not impeded or stopped by harassment/opposition. We will command the devil and his agents knowing our full identity in Christ and take action without looking back. The six-shooter was one of the instrumental weapons of the Civil War. This indicates that the body of Christ will decisively wage war and annihilate: inner appetites and cravings of the flesh, evil assignments and principalities, worldliness, as well as the harlot church representatives. The Body of Christ will be equipped to run with horses (horsepower) as indicated in Jeremiah 12:5. It is important to note, this is enabled by an oath of enlistment and training of the Holy Spirit and singleness of eye for Our Lord’s will. 2 Tim 2:3-12.

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