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Ron Wyatt’s Prophecy Of The Coming Deception – Watchman Marah

Ron Wyatt’s Prophecy Of The Coming Deception

May 24, 2020 6:34 PM
Watchman Marah

Dear Brothers & Sisters;

I have been over whelmed with the development of the Government in Israel. Some of you probably know that the Jewish Orthodox is now governing Israel. I am very concerned about this development because this will be a catalyst to rebuild the temple (Which is an assault against the body of Christ) as we are the temple of Christ, this will also give rise to the reorganizing of the Sanhedrin, and the implementation of the Noahide laws, the Talmudic man made laws which will be in the new Temple instead of Gods 10 Commandments.

I came home this morning from a wedding yesterday, and was impressed to watch Ron Wyatt’s videos on his discovering of the Ark of the Covenant, and the analysis of the blood of Christ.

This discovery was found at the crucifixion site in Jerusalem directly under the spot Christ died. The tomb where Yeshua was placed was a short distance from the crucifixion site. Ron was indeed led by God in locating the Ark and also the other furnishings of the sanctuary.

Please look up his many fascinating videos,
but at the end of the video “Ron Wyatt, Ark of
the Covenant” he ends his talk with a prophetic word, that in the last days when the temple is up there would be a *new set of man made Commandments*. (Ron’s Wyatt’s prophecy).

These will be observed instead of God’s commandments. This set are the Talmudic Noahide laws. He then associated this events with the 666 mark of the beast. And those that love and observe the 10 commandments of God would receive “The Seal of God” on their foreheads.

Now the bad thing about Noahide laws:

1. Not to commit idolatry
2. Not to commit blasphemy
3. Not to commit murder
4. Not to have forbidden sexual relations
5. Not to commit theft
6. No to eat flesh cut from a living animal
7. To establish courts of justice to punish violators

Note law 1, 2 and 7. One and two does not mention who the god is! Is this Yahweh/ Jehovah God, or are they talking about their messiah whom they are voting in the messiah Office in Jerusalem. And these courts are the Councels Christ warned us about, where we are not to contemplate what we are going to say, at this time, but the Holy Spirit will give
us the words at that time.

Please understand brothers and sisters, there are NOT two covenants. The Jews and the gentiles come under the same New Covenant. At the time of Christ, Jesus/Yeshua was sent to the Jews, not the gentiles. It was not until they got false witnesses and paid evil men to yell for His execution, and was murdered on the cross, that salvation came to the gentiles and a curse came upon the Jews. The gentiles then became eligible to be grafted into the vine. All the beginning Believers were Jewish. A few years went by before Peter brought in the first gentile converts. Soon, the time will be up for the gentile portion of the body of Christ. But we need to pray concerning this report I bring up and to pray for the Jewish believers in Christ in Israel. The Orthodox are not fond of Messianic Jews or Christians in general.

If you don’t submit and receive the Noahide laws, then the punishment is death by guillotine. Please pray against this deception for Jew and Gentile. I am a Jewish believer myself. I would much prefer to save them all through the blood of the Lamb.

Please do not hate the State of Israel because of this. But pray that God will intervene on behalf of His people. Love our enemies, do Good to those that revile and persecute you. Anti-Semitism and Antichristian assaults will occur. But not every Jew is evil. They are ignorant of the Truth. They need to be set free! I love Israel, and I have many friends there but Satan is a deceiver to all peoples, even
his own.

Keep in mind that Israel has picked out their
Two messiahs already. And they are Trump and Obama. They have apparently offered
the keys to the office of Messiah to Trump. Sorry Mr Trump but if you take the office of Messiah, you lose my vote. The position is already filled by Jesus. So, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. And watch Ron Wyatt’s video’s.

God Bless you all and may God’s mighty hand
Protect and guide you in these troubled times.
Be Dauntless in Christ!

Watchman Marah

As a believer, you live in the land of Goshen.
And when the plagues came, they, in Goshen
were not touched. I declare we are CV free by the blood of the Lamb.


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