Road to Emmaus

Aug 18, 2019, 8:44 PM

Message given to Moriah

Aug 18, 2019
Luke 24:17
And he said to them, “What is this conversation that you are holding with each other as you walk?” And they stood still, looking sad.”
I AM that I AM and YHUH is my name.
Rise up Women! Your great testimony has not been heard. Bring forth the Oil of healing by your witness of how I, King of Kings and Lord of Lords has delivered you from the death verdict by my precious sacrifice, my provenient grace and the willingness to do good for you. You have my agape love and I will esteem and not harm you.
Rise up, cry out to my embattled daughters! Destruction is coming! Tell the hard of heart of the depths I AM has delivered you from! You must be as the daughters of Gallim, lifting up the cry of alarm to her poor sisters, Anatoth, Laish and Jerusalem!
My Daughters, testify of the awesome grace, forgiveness and reconciliation that you received from me:
You see, I know your names, some of you have had many names. But I AM has new names I have chosen for you. Names of the exalted Father, your King. Never another name of reproach or shame. All will be forgotten, as I know where your names can be found within the Father’s books and my blood covers them all.
So, my daughters, many sitting long silent in churches and missions; come out of hiding and testify with your voice of the deliverance by MY NAME, MY PASSION and MY mercy, from the death wages of your abortions, witchcraft, unnatural affections, greed, strife, and the quenching of my Holy Spirit. There is no sin so uncommon that I cannot deliver my daughters from.
Reconciliation and deliverance are at hand, my daughters! I ask you to show your embattled sisters who don’t know me- the fruits of my Holy Spirit that have grown out of your dry vines and wayward hearts.
There is a great harvest of secretly breaking hearts that need the power of your testimony.
I died, so you may live. Share how good the Father, YHUH, has been to you.
I AM with you, Abba Loves you.

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