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#HouseOfDavid: “rise to power”
And in the spirit I hear “rise to power”….by that, the mighty spirit of God in the most Holy name Jesus…says the Lord…”My people have fallen asleep…as they walk about to and fro in a society sorely removed of all semblance of Me…bowing to idols which have no power outside of the ability of confusion while ascribing to illusions of grandeur with the audacity of calling it of Me…even My most elite of the elect to whom I’ve married Myself walk about in a daze as though dizzy from holding their breath from breathing the oxygen which spells My very name…I especially have my sight set upon America/Babylon the great for the wonton disregard with which My name is thrown around wishy washy as though I were capable of, or willing to change My mind from the very decrees I put forth by My righteousness in accordance to My perfect Justice…by My name I declare that I have my sights set with special judgment upon the great whore Babylon who’s inhabitants that arent burned by the flames which I will send, will be left wandering naked about the streets scouring for mere crumbs to eat to endure the depths of the woes that they said they’d never experience, because I have set my wrath against the gross negligence in pride which people lather on and flaunt about as though a whore in perfume searching for her next meal ticket…it pleases Me that in recent years among the noise and hub bub in the mainstream which has had the attention of My people that I deserve, I have been awakening sleepers among the masses of Babylon whom I call son’s and daughters by the revelation of the Name above names Jesus/Yeshua…sanctified above the utmost elect of the world’s masses who bear the name, David My servant, who are in place for when I allow the bringing forth of my judgment and anger…those who will remain standing when all else have failed and fallen, in place to catch those whom I will throw into the throes of repentance by the violent shaking from the slumber so many seem to be in…”
Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiac is without a doubt God, come in flesh…(Tst5)

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