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Rise of Obama/AC, Purification is coming for the Bride and Body – Jesus LoverOfMySoul

Rise of Obama/AC

Purification is coming for the Bride and Body

Feb 23, 2019
Jesus LoverOfMySoul

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Message I received on February
20th 2019 after spending some time in
prayer and doing some spiritual warfare

You are rising daughter you are rising to your calling and now beginning to walk in the authority I have given to you it is a powerful seat to possess the enemy fears all who take up their sword and uses my authority take up your sword daughter swing it often it is your Lord and Savior there isn’t one from beyond the grave the one who ascended with the keys of life and death and is now seated at the right hand of the heavenly Father Yahweh my daughter darkness falls I bring upon you much darkness now my children will shine their light to a dark and dying world the Antichrist will rise Obama will rise out of the depths of hell he will rise he will seat himself in his chosen man Obama he will ascend to what he claims is my throne he will deceive many many will welcome his dark deeds many will allow him in but once in he will steal their freedom and put them under total bondage they will belong to him they will bow down to him they will begin to worship him for this is his desire all he refused to go down to his feet will lose their lives he wants nothing more than to remove the heads of my beloved children sick and nature he will take much pleasure in torturing my little ones I will only allow him so much when they have completed their purification process I will no longer allow it he must then set them free there they will come to me where I will welcome them with open arms much sadness will fill the earth in these days many will feel they have no hope at all my room that will bring comfort to them my remnant will bring comfort to their feeble hands my daughter these days are upon you these days are here soon the enemy starts collecting my little ones and throwing them behind bars some to camps some to prison all will have one form or another my bride must be purified she must render to me her flesh she must shed herself of herself and be open to be used by me I will use only those who are willing to lay it all down for me those who will serve others by their own self sacrifice and lay themselves down on the altar as I laid myself down for my father much will come from your seam sacrifice welcome me daughter walk in the path I have set before you I am coming for a spotless bride my little one I will gladly wait for those who wish to return to me I am patient and long-suffering and I am willing to wait for the latter rain for much of my harvest is ready to be gleaned now you will glean the food from off the lilies you were bringing the wheat into the barn and at this point I asked him what that meant when he said you will glean the food from off the lilies and he said does not the chaff and the wheat both blow over the waters when he said get them daughter bring them to me much will take place over the coming days be ready I’m coming quickly

so I know there’s a lot in this message there’s a lot that he’s been sharing with me lately and I want to make sure that I’m sharing things with the body to help you guys prepare for the things that are coming soon being a Czech Christ is going to arise and when he rises to power there’s going to be a change in the spiritual realms and there are going to be many people that are going to go into the fire to be purified during these times to be ready to stand before our Creator and there’s also people that are going to be helping people get through this refiners fire during this tribulation period regardless of what camp we belong to we need to remember that it is only through the Lord and His Spirit only will we make it through these days that are coming there’s no fear and the Lord perfect love casts out fear and we need to stay focused on the Lord this is the time now where we need to cling to him more than ever before he shakes this earth because brothers and sisters it’s coming this earth will be shaken it will be shaken from the top to the bottom from the north to the south from the east to the west it will be shaken and the reason it will be shaken is because that is God’s mercy upon people many people think God’s not gonna leave his children here when these things begin but I tell you brothers and sisters we will be here we will be here because this has to happen in order for some people to wake up their idols have to be stripped from them they need to be happy they need to have everything taken from them in order for them to come back to him so when they have no place to lay their head when they have no food on their table when they have no money in their wallets that’s when they’re gonna start looking for him and that’s when they’re going to find him so those of us that are ready and have been prepared for these days that are ahead we’re gonna go get these people we’re gonna get our brothers and sisters who are not awake yet but will wake up soon when God’s mercy comes upon the earth before his wrath is poured out don’t be afraid of the things that are coming if you have fear in your heart then seek the Lord find out what he wants from you find out what you need to do to be prepared in the days ahead we all need to be prepared the Lord is coming soon war is coming famine is coming destruction is coming and those that belong to him will be taken care of those that belong to the Lord will be safe but we are not promised to not see anything seek the Lord and ask him what to do in the days ahead what do you need to do to get prepared time is short and this Lord our Lord is about to judge this sinful nation that we live in and it’s not just America that’s going to be judged all nations are going to be judged but America’s filthy and the Lord has been disgusted with us for quite some time the stench of our country has been in his nostrils for a very long time and when He pours out his wrath upon this country to make people look up at him all are going to fear even those who know him are going to see his wrath but this is the wrath that’s going to drive his children to him this is the wrath that destroys those who do not want the Lord and drives the ones who do want a relationship with him drives them to his arms prepare your hearts now because he’s coming back soon and he’s coming for a spotless bride we need to die to this flesh we need to allow the Lord to put the refiners fire to us and burn off all the stuff that’s in us all this stuff that keeps a wall it keeps a veil between us and him we need to let him burn it all off of us and if these things coming upon this earth is going to do that then we need to welcome it we need to let it happen because no flesh will stand before the Lord no flesh will stand before the Creator it all has to be destroyed one way or another so submit to it now when it still calm listen for his voice now will it still calm because very soon he’s going to shake this world and we’re gonna start going home we need to be ready don’t be afraid draw close to the Lord he loves you it’s time to repent and go back to our first love god bless you all


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