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Riots, Concentration Camp, RESCUE – Peggy L.

Riots, Concentration Camp, RESCUE

[2 Dreams and Open Vision]

Dec 19, 2019, 7:10 AM
Peggy L.
Good morning brother.
I have such an urgency to share these dreams with you that were given to me in 2012.  I have struggled trying to figure out how to share them because I no longer have Wi-Fi and only get spotty reception on mobile phone so posting my own video message seems impossible, yet I can’t keep these to myself any longer, so I’m prayerfully sending them to you.
I am typing it just as it is written in my dream journal but would ask if you share them with others you would not include the city names unless the Lord directs you to.
In 2012, at the time of these dreams  I was very far from the Lord yet He gave me these terrifying dreams that I knew were from Him.  I was so shaken by them that I didn’t even write them down for 7 years yet the details of the dreams were burned deep within me.  I have only shared them so far with a few people in my close personal life.  I feel a responsibility to share with others but don’t know how. I desire to be fully obedient to the Lord and feel if I do not share, I will be accountable for that.  So now I respond in willing obedience by sharing with you and pray God will direct me further in what He requires of me.  I have had more dreams and an open vision as well and feel the urgency growing within me, as time is truly growing short.
Dream received early 2012:
The dream’ s setting was East Brookhaven, Mississippi in Startown area.
I observed a scene of darkness on the land. The air was brown and dusty and dirty. Many people were running through the streets and neighborhoods- jumping fences- fleeing in confusion and panic.
The sound of weeping and rioting and violence was intense and all around.
Toddlers were crying and abandoned and lost, roaming the chaotic violence filled streets.  (Separated from their parents)
Terror seized the entire land. Everyone was seeking to flee but finding nowhere to hide.
I remember next being in the backseat of a car a few blocks from the original chaotic scene.  We were driving further south, making a big block near my junior high school from 1988.
Instead of housing projects on that area of land as it was when I went to school there, the large lot had been cleared and there was now an enclosed park of sorts with a great wall of brick surrounding it.
As we drove slowly past the gate/entrance to the park, I clearly saw inside the park a large guillotine set up in a focal location inside the park where they (governing officials?) had set up for public executions of the true followers of Jesus Christ.
(End of dream)
A bit later in 2012 I was given another dream:
My family (sister, mother, a man -i wasn’t sure who but he was familial, and me and my children) were on the run, seeking shelter from a severe storm that we knew was approaching us.
We were in a hotel by the interstate because that was as far as we could get before the storm hit.  We knew in advance it was coming and we were bracing for it.
Just before it hit, I was standing near a huge picture window by the hotel door, and I saw the approach of the storm just before it hit.
It was a gigantic black cloud that looked like death and destruction barreling straight at us.
The impact exploded our room into rubble as I had barely moved to the side against the wall from in front of the window.
Looking down just after impact to assess damage, I barely had time to realize that my right arm was mangled and hanging by a few strips of skin from the elbow down.
All of my family was alive and intact but in shock and greatly shaken.
I felt numb and was reeling in my mind about it all, when suddenly we saw a great multitude of men in military uniforms that were not of our country.  They were NOT coming to help us, they were coming to capture us!
I noticed that they were Asian.  I had a knowing that they had planned to attack and conquer us while we were at our most vulnerable.  Their faces were set as flint against us as they came right in to seize us through the rubble.  It was a highly strategized operation.
They separated the men from women and children were also herded into a separate group.
We could see each other but were completely powerless to help each other or reach each other.
We were taken to a large expansive field surrounded by mountains,  and it seemed the field was located on top of a great hill or mountain also.
On top of this area was a very large warehouse surrounded by tall fences and barbed wire or razor wire.  The surrounding area was very beautiful but the plans for us in that place were pure evil, and we knew it.  The terror and helplessness was almost tangible.
We were herded into one of three lines, men in one, women in another and children in another.  These lines were surrounded a d completely enclosed around us with tall chain link fences on both sides that curved over our heads ( like a fence tunnel).
The lines were like long tunnel cages containing us with the earth at our feet.
The lines funneled us all to slightly different points of entry to this warehouse compound area. It reminded me of a Nazi concentration camp.
I could see my children in the long line of children behind the fence, being prodded like animals toward this building to a certain area, and I was in a similar line, all of women.
I was filled with terror and grief and helplessness.
(End of dream)
Open vision received around Feb-march 2019:
I was spending time with the Lord, in the Word and prayer and suddenly went into an open vision,as if watching a movie.
I saw myself standing in front of our house near the street in the driveway, facing southwest generally.
Many people were standing outside like me in this vision.
I had an awareness that people were outside all over the entire city like this, staring, transfixed at the sight we all beheld in the sky.
Terror seized the hearts of many and awe seized all because a great FIRE approached in all of its splendor, consuming ALL and growing exponentially in its rapid approach.  It all happened so fast, the memory of it is in slow motion.
The saints stood planted in Peace as the consuming fire of judgment and destruction fell, and our eyes all fixed on the sight of Jesus, almost magnetized! The moment I saw Him in the clouds, He was all I could focus on!  The joy, peace and excitement was all encompassing!
All traces of fear vanished instantly at the sight of Him!
Our Savior, the Mighty King of Glory, manifested His presence right in the midst of the fire!
He charged straight toward us on the clouds on a brilliant white horse with a multitude of capable warriors, like an army, charging behind Him.  His countenance was fixed with fierce,burning love for us!
All the saints who loved the sight of His appearing were taken up in spirit in an INSTANT! All at once!  Just moments before the impact of the fiery blast!
I saw our radiant redeemed spirits separating from our mortal frames,  out through somewhere in our heads into a silvery essence that was our spirit.  As it separated, it momentarily was still attached to the mortal frame by an ever-longer-growing silver thread that did break free, almost like an elongating stretching piece of gum that eventually gets so thin that it snaps apart..
Except THIS separation happened INSTANTLY in the precisely perfect moment of time appointed by God.
We all ascended to meet Jesus in the sky in a glorious display of brilliant light, to be with the Lord forever!
The vision faded away yet the powerful peace of God and complete absence of fear remained!
Jesus spoke to my heart these words:
TIME TO RISE AND SHINE.  BE READY. WATCH, AND STAY READY. Fear not- do not fear!! I commanded you in My Word…Do not let your heart be troubled. I will never leave you nor forsake you. No, not one of My children will be forsaken!
I AM with you, even to the end. Keep your EYES on ME.  
Your Lord and King, Jesus
I feel I should  add that during this vision, the appearance of Jesus in the clouds was not necessarily confirmed to me to be “the rapture” worldwide. It seemed to be a RESCUE from something like a nuclear attack or some kind of very large scale fiery attack in the area.
Upon my asking the Lord concerning what I saw in the vision, I got the answer that many of His saints would come to Him in pockets of areas,  in natural disasters and in wars…large numbers of people would pass into eternity simultaneously in these ways.  Therefore the day of salvation is TODAY for all, for none of us know when we will go to meet Him.
Be ready, stay ready, and sound the alarm for all with ears to hear!
The Lord reminded me, His timing is perfect,  as well as HIS LOVE toward us who believe and TRUST IN HIM.
Brother thank you for reading this. Would you pray over these words ? I never want to speak anything that is not from the Lord. I pray that His name be honored and given all the glory, in Jesus name,  Amen!


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