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Revival/New Season/Gathering – LynL

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Revival/New Season/Gathering

March 21, 2023 10:43 PM

Revival is Here

We start and wake-up the masses with sights that haven’t been seen since Azusa Street. Major healings and miracles that will move most into belief. Especially if they are one of the ones that were healed. Tent revivals, auditoriums, bleachers and more.

From the East to the West people will line up. As it hits the West Coast the word will get out and the lines will go for miles. Congenital diseases, sight, hearing, limbs and even resurrections will take place. The world will know things are no longer “normal”.

A New Season

Newness of this season will spark the interest of many. Things that have never happened before will occur. Most will think it is a trick or something not possible. When they get healed, they will understand of a higher order and power they may not have believed in previously. Limbs will grow out, eyes restored, hearing revitalized. The dead will be brought back to life so that they can die in a state of salvation. Your basic “do over”. Many will give their lives to me; they will speak in tongues. Revivals will spring up in the strangest places. All will try to get healed. Those possessed of demons will also be given a clean bill of health. They will be able to decide for sin or righteousness without the influence of demonic entities living within them.
Many will understand the bible is playing out and there is no more time for political correctness. God’s rules will take hold of the Earth like never before. End day prophecies will be playing out before our eyes.

All that are meant to be saved, will be saved. Those who choose sin will pay the price with their eternity.
The Lord has spoken!

The Gathering

My elect, the chosen will start their positions in my Army. They will be Translated and move into position. Much will be accomplished during the Harvest of Souls. The most important is that salvation will occur to the masses and Satan will lose their eternal souls. Knowledge will be imparted to people during the 3 days of darkness, and most will wake-up to the critical times they live in.

It is so important that no one take the mark which will bring them to Hell upon their death. People will have to trust me to supply their needs in this time. They will need to spend time with me. My word will be progressively harder to find as time moves forward. Gather together and pray for others and food and supplies. I am there in your prayers.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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