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Revelation6 – Sue Piccini


April 28, 2022
Sue Piccini

April 28, 2022


“ My time is now and everything is coming to an End. You do not have time to prepare any longer for if you are not already prepared you will be left behind to face My Wrath, and all that is to come upon this dying World.”
“ Revelation 6, is My appointed time and that seal is opening. You must know that I am with you even to the end of time as you know it. As I have said, “ Be Yea Ready,” get your house in order and seek Me daily, for I am your only chance to escape what is to come upon the Evil Doer’s of this World.” “ Come now Little Children, My Bride, for Your Redemption is at hand.” “ All natural disasters will begin to occur, Earthquakes, Volcano’s, Floods, Fires and many others. Be prepared to see War coming to your land and the foreign enemies coming to strip away your land. Death of people and animals will continue to over power your land and will be the End of all things.” “ Listen to what the Spirit has to say, and do not fear, for I am with you always and will protect you until I come for you. “ Get Ready, Stay Strong and Awake.” “ Your days are truly Numbered.”

Yeshua Ha Mashiach
Your Redeemer Comes!!

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