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Revelation 18:23 & Dream – The Once Lost and Now Found Sheep


Revelation 18:23 & Dream

November 16, 2020
The Once Lost and Now Found Sheep


Link to mentioned dream about the mark

Auto Generated Transcript

god bless you so
since i had my last stream
everything i have looked at online
doesn’t matter where i go i don’t even
intend to look for it
keep sending me to the same thing to do
with what’s going on in the world right
no i don’t know why but the very first
thing i find it sends me straight there
and every time sends me straight there
where the little man who wears the
glasses and owns all the computers and
does all his work
and all the people that work in that
world they’re trying to make things for
people that are
poorly that they can all have a special
type of medicine to make them on poorly
i’m finding everything leading me back
to that as that dream didn’t i don’t
know why
so i’ve been studying and i’ve been
looking at the greek
interlinear bible of the new testament
in revelation 18
23 and i found something very very
which i couldn’t find in any of my
editions that are written in english
but i could find in the greek now
i’m going to read my king james so we’ll
start with king james
now i’m on chapter 18 of revelations 23.
i hope you’re listening to this because
this is really important
because there are multiple times in the
book of revelations
this word is used but if we go to greek
we’ll find the greek word for this word
and then we’ll translate the greek
so please listen
and the light of a candle shall shine no
at all in thee and the voice of the
bridegroom and of the bride shall be
no more at all in thee for thy merchants
were the great men of the earth
for by thy sorceries were all
nations deceived okay
now i can read this in my new jerusalem
so i’ll quickly go through that because
i’ve got it right here
never again will shine the light of the
lamp in you
never again will be heard in you the
voice of bridegroom and bride
your traders were the princes of the
all the nations were led astray by your
now if i go to interlinear
the word for sorcery was
pharmakia which meant drug or poison
okay so sorcery sorceries and then we
have the word
sorcerers which meant druggist
or poisoner now in
greek into linear for sorcery and
sorceries we have pharmaca
which is where we derive the english
word pharmacy
okay now if i go to sorcerers
in my greek interlinear which means
or poisoner the greek word was pharmacos
and the english translation of that word
is pharmacist
so if i go through some
revelations here and you’re hearing
these words that i’ll be saying
when you think about pharmacies
constantly being warned in the bible
that we did not realize before
for translation we did get something
very important
lost so and they did not repent of their
murders or of their sorceries
revelations 9 21
so they’re not repenting of sorceries
and we know
drug is still poisonous so they don’t
repent of the poisons
that they give the people for your
merchants were the great men of the
earth for by
your sorcery all the nations were
revelation 18 23 so that’s
their pharmacies deceived now we have
but these sorcerers shall have their
in the lake which burns with fire and
which is the second death so
the pharmacies the sorcerers which are
the pharmacists
the ones the princes of renown
the great merchants the ones who put
this upon the people
blessed are those who do his
that they may enter through the gates
into the city but outside
are sorcerers
that is revelation 22 14 15
so now i’m not well versed in speaking
in many languages
but we have the translation right there
and i sincerely tell every single one of
you don’t just take my word for it go
out there get yourself an interlinear
bible if you can’t afford one because
they are expensive
i would recommend going online and
looking for the word
pharmakia and the word sorcery and
revelation chapter 28 verse 23
and if you remember correctly that dream
i had
where i was in a room
and it was a white room and a round
white table but it was dark
really dark and all these people sitting
around it not for the holy spirit
but around the table all the people were
unimportant they were the lackeys
and one of them was the little man with
the glasses that does all the computers
and wants to make everyone have some
special medicine
now at the top there was someone
now i couldn’t make him out he was all
in black shadow and there seemed to be
at the time i thought was it flies
because it was like little black bitty
everywhere emanating from him and that
was white but the room had lights but
the room was dark
okay now i couldn’t make out this man
before he was dark
but then all of a sudden he stopped
because before he
stopped he was talking about giving
to make them take a certain special
to remove them from god so a special
medicine can remove you from god
the medicine they want the whole world
to take
so from that all of a sudden he stopped
came to me
now i didn’t see him walk around all of
a sudden he appeared before me and he
was a giant would be the only way i can
explain it
because when i was looking in the room
before they noticed me
all the people sitting around the big
white round table
they looked tiny compared to this huge
kind of person i mean if they were to
have stood up
i don’t think they would have been any
taller than his navel
as in belly button i don’t think they
would have been higher than that
but he was big and then he appeared in
front of me and said
how did you get here in here or how did
you get in here
who led you here sort of thing and he
grabbed my hand and his hand was huge i
so you got my palm here you got my wrist
here his whole hand is around my hand
and part of my wrist
now i can’t make him out but there’s all
this black just emanating off him and
he’s squeezing and completely crushing
my hand i’m in genuine pain i’m
screaming in pain
at this point okay and he’s holding my
and i’ve got a little mark on my hand
still from this
and he goes you’ll be the first to take
the mark and i’m like no no i won’t take
them out i’m trying to pull my hand or
him out
but his hand is not only crushing my
my hand is burning like on fire so this
man is hot like fire i can’t make him
out he’s all in black and shadow
and darkness just emanates from him
now i immediately wake up from the from
the dream my hands are nagging i turn my
light on
i got red blotches where he was holding
my hand
and i got this little tiny scratch which
i genuinely
don’t know if i can get you to even see
it or make it out
ignore those that’s from work
but it’s just here there’s like a little
scar just there
i don’t know if you can see that this
camera does lose a little something
but after that that was there and i was
quite concerned but impressed still felt
the holy spirit
so i know nothing’s been done but ever
since that
everything i seem to keep coming across
now and everything is done for a reason
i am nothing of importance god is the
one that’s important
so i recommend you all study your bibles
make sure that your faith is solid in
for do you trust in the powers of man on
or do you trust in god in heaven
who can deliver you from hardship who
can save you from all trials
look at israel when they were brought
with moses the ten plagues of egypt
to let his people go departing of the
red sea
the giants they defeated to take the
lands of milk and honey
everything was pertainable through god
for they put their faith in god
look at david when he took on goliath
absolutely no fear he trusted in god he
said god will deliver him into my hand
he beat him
with no armor on he was not a soldier he
did not live in war
unlike goliath who was a giant and a
soldier a man who lived for war
covered in armor and weapons
and david killed him with a stone in a
because he had god all things are
attainable through god
build your faith build your relationship
pray earnestly grow strong in your faith
build that relationship with god get to
know him follow his commands
his teachings as is said in matthew 28
18 to 20 be baptized in the name of the
father the son and the holy spirit
and observe and obey the commands all
the commands given to you by jesus
follow what is taught
those are jesus words so don’t ignore
okay so important remember
you want to receive the holy spirit the
holy spirit is an experience you’ll know
it when it’s with you for you become
it’s a holy temple for the spirit to be
within you to help guide you
we have to work together in love and
kindness read matthew chapter 5 to 7 the
sermon on the mount
these are like the most integral parts
you need to learn
to understand what it is to be a
disciple of jesus
please get to god while you can time is
running out put your faith in the law
for testing is coming we are in the
birth pangs
these stages are coming to pass that are
written in revelations we are seeing
the laws of the world are changing
things are not easy god is there for
every one of you
please please just pray to him
ask for help and guidance and
discernment ask for peace wisdom and
understanding learn what he wants from
each and every one of us study your
don’t rely on preachers on the tv
get your head in your book learn for
the prophets throughout the times have
suffered and struggled to spread the
many died so many were ignored again and
again even jesus
was crucified and rejected
we need to come together in love and
servitude to the lord renounce yourself
and pick up your cross and follow jesus
he is the way do not lose the way now
time is coming persecution is upon
distrust is increasing the love is
growing cold
work together build your faith
trust in god for your salvation don’t
trust in man
don’t take the mark
stay strong god bless everyone here



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