Responsibilities – Lastrumpet08

Responsibilities – Lastrumpet08

October 03, 2018

You all have responsibilities and you must see to it that you do your part. You will all give account for your own deeds, good or evil. Be responsible because you will bear the consequences. Do not only be hearers but be doers also, or you only deceive yourselves.

You are responsible to sow good seed if you want to have a harvest in due time. No one can expect a harvest, if they are not willing to sow good seed first. You must sow good seed only, because what you sow, you will reap also.

Your are responsible for your own personal relationship with Me and nobody else. You must work on it, it is all between Me and you. I Love and I Care for you. It is your responsibility to make Me your First Love and to love nothing more than Me. I Am Jealous for My children.

Your walk with Me is your own responsibility. You must seek Me, Listen to, Obey and Follow Me every step of the Way, as I Guide and Lead you Myself, to be in My Perfect Will. My Will be done, not your own or that of other people. It is your responsibility to seek My Will.

Seek My Kingdom and My Righteousness first, then will I add all the other things unto you. I Work all things out for good for those who Love Me, who are being called according to My Plan and Purpose. It is your responsibility to seek to fulfill your part in My Everlasting Kingdom. I Force no one. Do not neglect your responsibilities. You do not want to be disappointed. I Love and I Care for you. Love Me wholeheartedly.

“For we are God’s Handiwork, Created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God Prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10
“So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.” Romans 14:12

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