Repentance -Tasha Grant Reid


November 4, 2020 11:58 PM
Tasha Grant Reid

Received Oct. 24, 2020.

(In praise and worship the holy spirit helped me to understand and write this word. I had written the heading ‘repentance’ in my notebook for some time now but I didn’t write anything. So, the holy spirit asked me if I wanted to write and I affirmed.)

There is NO repentance in the grave…the grave says, ‘it is not enough'(Proverbs).The grave swallows up, death is ever near… sin is always the problem. God dwells in everlasting light… there is no shadow of turning with Him. There is no darkness in the Lord… your clocks work off shadow and darkness, objects cast shadows and darkness…with God’s kingdom this is not so. Time is not measured in darkness and presence of light in God’s kingdom but only LIGHT, read in Revelations…’God himself shall be their LIGHT. God’s kingdom is always LIGHT. What is LIGHT… God is always GOOD… no bad, nor darkness… only light, only goodness. The Lord Jesus tells us all to REPENT! Why? Because light casts out darkness… as children of Light/Day we must repent of sin/darkness…be holy for I am holy. From Genesis to revelations we are called to repent… stop sinning against our Holy God. This is not a mystery but it has been hidden from the wise and given to the simple… those who see and believe in the word and testimony of God in Jesus Christ. The deceiver has blinded many… countless many to the truth by giving deceptive doctrines backed by scriptures twisted to fit the needs of itching ears. This is

Repentance – a brokenness and contrite heart that examines the soul for the stain of sin and rids itself of this stain, purifying oneself by the Spirit of God in us. Don’t get the wrong idea it’s Jesus who is the author of salvation…its His words that purifies the soul. If we stick to His words we will keep our garments clean until He returns. As a priesthood called and chosen by God in Jesus Christ we deal with the things holy, sacred, that pertains to God Almighty. Let us deal truthfully… covering ourselves so that our nakedness is not seen. Our Lord and God is Holy and pure, a consuming fire.


Written by: Tasha Grant Reid.


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