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Repentance is a Means of Cleaning Your Soul

December 12, 2023 11:02 AM


The heart is a very important organ. Your heart shows me the condition of your soul. As I peer into each and every one of my children, I know who needs work and where. None of my children are perfect, but most know, deep down, where work is needed and should be focused. Many never take that step towards the repairs that are needed for their entrance into Heaven.

Many feel that life is here for them to totally enjoy, even if it comes at another person’s expense. They feel that there are no checks and balances to the system, they call life, and therefore continue in their sins. Checks and balances are utilized upon your exit from the Earths plain (exception is man’s means of justice). We are all responsible for each thing that is said, done, thought and carried out. Repentance, while on Earth, is a means of cleaning your soul as you change directions.
If deep down you know you have a problem, correct it while you still can.
Your Father in Heaven

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