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Repent The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand – Walt

Repent The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

March 25, 2021 11:17 PM

I was told by the Spirit to tell a small back story than give the message. Last year for almost the whole year I had been praying for general groups of people that the Spirit led me towards. One of those groups was the ones who are involved in the Vilal Adrenochrome , well on October 6th 2020 I received this message –

While praying I felt this knock on the back of my left side head area. I was praying for others who commit the act of Adrenochrome sins and was told those are the people who there hearts are beyond help they have already sold there souls to Evil. Fallen are they already. Concentrate on those who are lost , those who can be brought back the poor etc. After that roughly the following month the Spirit told me to stop who I was praying for and that I needed to pray for the same groups of people but In a specific area in the USA. The Spirit eventually led me to NYC , everything prayerwise and spiritual ware fare prayers were to go towards NYC. I was not allowed to deviate from that at all. The only other prayers I was allowed were towards family n friends. Than eventually JFK international airport was added for a time than was told to stop .

From the Spirit. In January I was told to add more groups of people , certain types of sinners who commit certain types of sins, so I obeyed .

Yesterday March 24th when I got up I will say Good morning Father Good morning Jesus and Good morning Holy Soirit , I’ll go into that maybe some other time , it has helped me hear God better. When I walked downstairs I heard from the Spirit , my son get your bible and sit down , very sternly was it said to me, and open it to Ephesians , so I did and immediately was led to chapter 3 , I started reading till I got done the first part of the chapter , The Spirit told me that is now done, Age of Grace is over , I was told to stop praying for NYC it was done, now a few times during the month I had been told that it will be ending soon , to be able to pray for NYC but the Spirit would always come back n say keep going My Son , The Father has extended it, so I kept on going. God also told me to relay a message to a person I work with to tell his brother to talk to God because he should not be in NYC. I never asked if this ending of grace was just for NYC or everywhere.

I was also told to stop telling people that Jesus Loves You that now when I go out to talk to people who he directs me to I will be saying Repent The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand. I’m just trying to obey what my Father in Heaven , Our Father of Hesus Christ wants me to do .

As always ask The Father and Our Lord n Savior Jesus The Christ if what I have relayed is correct n true. Thanks much Love n Peace

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