“Repent, repent Or Be Devoured” – Israel Wendy

Israel Wendy

Prophecy given to me after the Holy spirit gave me the words of Isaiah 1:1-20.

6/15/16 5pm

The Lord yells:

for the LORD has spoken
Be tough my sheep, vigilant, wary and wise because the dragon comes for you demise. All has been seen, all heard Your hearts are revealed the prophet who exposes himself to the devil will himself be exposed beware the wall of water that washes away sins, weep and be washed away the gift of LIFE estranged and thrown down is still there,still offered for the repentant, Your pride will wash you away like a flood, repent and be saved
listen to the words of the prophets
they love the sheep.

The frogs of lying tongues are released
among the sheep from the mouth of the beast, Like plagues they ravish Israel but God has His hands on her, she is hidden new oil comes from the wine skins hidden in a cool cave from view. Israel laughs and dances in God’s love Destruction to those who harm the chosen Destruction to lying frogs, vipers, wolves.

The dragon, the beast and the false prophet will be revealed their offspring already among the sheep
goats with hard heads, no love in them God sees their hearts, God sees their hearts The black beast will arise from the east, that’s when the dragon feasts. Even the beasts of the fields
will lose their heads with evil.

A wall of water fast approaches,
no time for pride, no time for ire
repent, repent or be devoured
the proud will scoff and return to ash.
Unrepentant will laugh but not for long THUS SAYS THE LORD OUR GOD

The Lord weeps for the lost, but they have rebelle the wrath is now, THE WRATH IS NOW Babylon’s whore has them now, Warrior saints will fight the frogs will fight the vipers, the wolves God’s vengeance will be upon them who harm His chosen prophets
they will be bruised and cut the wounds will never heal the oil they have is old it will not burn, it will not heal these are the false ones. They soon will be revealed they will be known for their hate God’s chosen known for love.

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