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Repent Or Ye All Shall Perish – The Messenger


Repent Or Ye All Shall Perish

July 22, 2021 11:58 AM
The Messenger

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Received July 19th after 530 am

My anointed Son, take these words down for all to hear. THUS SAITH ME THE GOD YOUR LORD THE FATHER IN HEAVEN, YE ALL SHALL PERISH UNLESS YOU REPENT NOW, I say this again unless you repent from all manner of sin you shall perish. There are no exceptions, none to this, My ones ,My children . WOE to the unrepentive WOE to you , I as your Father speak now and say WOE now ,to the inhabitants of this dying world. Most love the world more than Me and My Holy Son, WOE to you, for I will cast darkness upon this world, WOE to all of you ,I will say it again, REPENT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND. You My ones My Slack Children, My Asleep Ones ,My ones Who Are Spiritually Asleep and want the father of lies ,WOE to you, when darkness falls and you are lost, scared and confused I will not hear your cries as you have not heard the cries of My Heritage and you have killed them in the womb, gifts given to you and thrown away for what, lust ,power ,inconvenience you murders, such a foolish, perverse people, I Say Repent Now Or Perish.

I have warned and warned and warned I am long suffering and patient but that is at and end you My Sleepy Children ,My so called ones who think that they are My Bride who are far ,far, far from Me speaking with your mouths, but your hearts are far removed, not even knowing what you do, I say WOE to you, I have said countless times repent and turn My ones. Sin , all sin no matter what it is, but do you harken to My voice, or your fathers voice of lies ,you My ones are not fit to even save ,you are not even fit for the lowest parts of Sheol . My Lost Sleeping Church, I as The Creator have had all I can take as a God, all ,everything, especially from USA Mystery Babylon , do you think I your God, would let you continue knowing what you shall become did you. I as your God say NAY ,NAY to the nation led astray NAY to you . You perverse generation of vipers you heathen whores of lust and greed you ones who have no clue of My Might, My Power, My Glory. Soon you shall see , America Mystery Babylon you shall see it ,as events unfold rather quickly for war is at your shores, your mainland ,your cities. YOU AMERICA ARE NOT SAFE AND NEVER SHALL BE NO MORE FOR MY HAND, MY EYES, MY FACE IS NOW SET UPON THEE, AND YOUR DESTRUCTION NOW COMETH. There will be an upcoming date, a date which will ring thru the whole world and cosmos where all shall come to pass in My Words, that date is upon you, when your life your last breath is and will be required of thee . Your judgement is now at hand as July. Fastly and I say fastly ,drops off the calendar , I as your God have been knocking to see who would let me in to sup with them and for the ones who have done this , I say truly let My SON into your hearts, your rest your supper is ready for all preparations are complete for the feast, all preparations complete for America’s fall . I cry for joy I weep over lost souls it is your choice your eternal fate sealed in The Lake Of Fire .

MY ones, HOW HARD IS IT, HOW HARD TO TRULY CALL UPON THE ONLY NAME TO SAVE YOU TRULY FROM THE LAKE OF FIRE, MY ANOINTED ONE ,THE TRUE SON, JESUS THE CHRIST My ones the ones who are from satan now ,I have warned ,pleaded and almost begged you thru various ways, messages, messengers, watchmen ,prophets, dreams, visions, strange weather patterns, strange occupancies, I have also said for lack of obedience to My Voice, My Commands I shall remove My Holy Spirit as well as take your own young children away, by any and all means necessary which could include rapture , transformation and or death and war . My ones you are sick, perverse generation and nothing I have foreseen shall awaken you nothing .My Church Body, the masses will never wake up going in this direction . It has been a peaceful way that I have allowed ,well no more as your God I choose pain, utter pain to your flesh ,your mind, your heart until you learn , until you are almost dead ,until your flesh cries out no more ,no more sin, no more until your lust and greed and pride is broken .UNTIL YOU TRULY CALL OUT TO MY ONLY SON ,JESUS THE CHRIST IN TRUE BELIEF OTHERWISE THE LAKE OF FIRE IS YOUR HOME .

The games are over, playing church is over, to those I have called and have given you a chance a way and you received that, welcome to My kingdom. To the others welcome to hell on earth , soon in a Second or two My Time and yours, I will throw your father down ,My ones all I can say to you, good luck with what you wanted . You have rejected Me, now I reject you till you realize who truly loves you.

End of message


The Messenger

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