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Repent oh Babylon – Patti Young

Repent oh Babylon

June 3, 2020
Patti Young

I haven’t heard from the Lord in awhile, but today while crying out to God he gave me this word⚘

Crying out to God while sitting in my car today,
I was repenting of everything that would be
a sin and would not be pleasing to God. The
Lords presence filled my car, then the Lord said
to me

“I AM changing the corruptible into the
incorruptible. The corruptible church will no
longer remain, but my bride has been made pure,
and unblemished. She is the one that I will send
forth to bring my Truth to the nation’s. By my
works alone they shall know that these are of

The earth cries out justice, justice, justice,
where is justice in the land? Am I not the God
who makes the way straight? Am I not the one
who balances the scales in my earth? Justice,
where is justice in the land, is what I hear from
my heavens. Have you looked at your statue,
she sits as a queen in your waters today, but I
tell you, I see a stone statue which has no life,
who has a covering over her eyes and sees not

Oh foolish nations who seek man as your
deliverer. Man cannot save, for I alone am the
Saviour. Repent oh Babylon, has this not been
the cry from the lips of my servants? Justice,
I the God above all nations shall bring justice
to a land who is deaf and does not hear, who
is blind and does not see. I will bring my hand
down upon a nation who has sought their own
deliverer in a man. As I was with Moses, I will
surely deliver my people from a land who does
not serve me.”

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