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Repent: for the Hour of Calamity and Destruction is Near! – Cryptic1

Repent: for the Hour of Calamity and Destruction is Near!

October 13, 2020 11:30 PM

Message was given 10.13.20

It is coming. The world as you know it is gone. There is a New World Order waiting in the wings to usurp the world at large, especially the nation of America. I will allow this to happen for men have not acknowledged me as their Lord and Savior but have paid Me lip service with false smiles and false hope to the world. The end is near children. I call My flock back to the fold for the days grow dark indeed.

Riots will escalate, major cities will burn, looting, chaos will be the norm. Most people will be living behind closed doors – fearful of the civil unrest, the coming militia that will overtake the streets to quell the riots. I have said the fall of America begins with civil unrest. You will witness burnings, looting, rioting, unspent rage – there will be many witnesses of this debacle. I have warned what is to come.

Stay close to Me My sheep, under the shadow of My wings – and you will find safety and shelter in My arms. I call out to the lost to repent before Me this hour. I come soon upon the clouds of glory. REPENT – FOR THE HOUR OF CALAMITY AND DESTRUCTION IS NEAR.

Your Lord and Savior

Yeshua HaMashiach

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