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Repent before the Days Gone – Brian

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Repent before the Days Gone

Febuary 11, 2024 4:54 PM

Feb 11 24

Write,repent don’t step in line with man.
Write, repent my child, that is the line they chose.
The road to life is very narrow many have not chose it,
But the ways of man are known to man. How can a man change something he is familiar with and has done over again and known all his life.
Only through me can you find Grace and receive mercy and love from above for all of these come from my Hand.
Return to me return to me come receive what’s ordained by my hand. It is life to walk with me please put down your vain idols. Don’t reject me please. Return to me return to me put down the Vain things in your Hand.(partying drinking sex and lying). Come receive life at my hand. A cup that overflows Everlasting.
Everlasting. Everlasting again.
Amen well beloved one Jesus the Christ at hand p.s I am coming soon and my hand is stretched out still.

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Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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