Prophecy, REPENT

REPENT – Barbara Francis


Barbara Francis

‘Im speaking plainly to you , you are my beloved children. Many will perish. My eyes roam the earth day and night. Nothing is hidden from me. I see all. I AM ALL KNOWING. I see you wallowing in sin, then I see you stand in your temples praying and singing loudly. Hypocrites! Not realizing I SAW YOUR NIGHT OF ADULTERY, FORNICATION AND SODOMY. Hypocrites! Still unrepentant. Mockers f my rules, my commandments and statutes. You believe they don’t apply to YOU, because of your pride and arrogance. Others will perish , you say in your heart not me. I have prophesied in your name. I help the poor and needy. I help the widow. I will tell you “I NEVER KNEW YOU” WHEN YOU STAND BEFORE ME. This is why I speak plainly today. Your comfortable life ends soon because you put your trust and faith in the WORLD , NOT I AM. Change your heart and amend your ways. and your doings. REPENT, I COME QUICKLY AND BRING MY REWARD!

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