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Renew Wedding Vows

February 28, 2021 8:19 AM

I sat down to have my morning coffee and went into my FB app. First thing that came on my feed was The Groom is in charge of the Invitations by Lisa B. As I was reading the part of her being taught the song that only she could learn. I immediately thought of the 144k. That part really stuck out to me.

Dream: On the night of July 12 or early morning on the 13th 2020. I was outside on the campus of our local university. It was either fall or spring because it was cool enough I had my black and pink jacket on over the most beautiful wedding dress. (Sorry I don’t remember if the trees were budding or changing colors.) Anyways..we were going to renew our vows. I had to walk down the sidewalk to get to the spot where this would be down. I remember thinking I didn’t take off my jacket so I stop to take it off and tossed it on the sidewalk. I thought I would go get it later. We renewed our vows then we went to eat. While eating I remember I never picked up my jacket. I was like oh well I will go get it tomorrow but I never did. Then I woke up. Like with everything take this to Lord for confirmation. I’m not a prophet just sharing this dream.

Matthew 22 2-14

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