Remnant Warrior Dream – K Williams

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Remnant Warrior Dream

June 3, 2024 11:08 PM
K Williams

SEPTEMBER 30, 2023

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2023

The dream occurred on the early morning of my birthday September 30, 2023. I had been having several dreams of which I would force myself to cancel out of them because I was asking the Heavenly Father to control my dreams and give me dreams that had meaning and were good dreams that have spiritual value. I was not looking for a rapture vision (had that) or a hell dream (don’t want that), but I had been wanting God to control my dream life, as well as my existing physical life, so I was constantly canceling dreams and forcing myself out of them, if I could determine they had no heavenly value. This ability alone I had asked Jesus for because I have had many dreams of which within them, I could not control the decisions I was making, and as the dream went on the end results were not what God would approve of. So I asked for the ability to cancel out, or wake myself from the dream and start over, each time actually being able to speak an audible or silent prayer before again entering sleep.

The scene opened as I was with a group of maybe 6 to 8 people. We were running from what would be considered chaos and calamity of epic proportions. Buildings were collapsing, the ground would buckle and wave, rock and roll and you could actually see the grass, paved road, street markings and sidewalks roll. The scenery would switch from city to city or to different areas of the same city, I am not sure which, but we were all running for our lives. I recall telling the group that “We still have to battle; we have to finish the game!” Why I chose those terms I do not know. We ran along a long wide grassy field adjacent to what looked like a school sports field, as we were still trying to elude the destruction that seemed alive and was chasing us down. The sports field was large as we approached it from the outside, but when we entered it, the size was reduced to a little more than half of a kid’s soccer field. Where the seating stands were, now arose from the ground huge concrete blocks and cylindrical debris that enclosed us in the field with no exit, similar to an ancient battle tournament coliseums.
There then appeared tall demonically possessed humans that were human and half human. There were rows of them. In the first row closest to us were beings 8 to10 feet tall, swaying as the taunted us saying with a roar “Awe… Yeah… now we’ve got you!” In the second row were even large monster type creatures that were taller and much broader than those in the first row. They too swayed left to right and front to back, like they were reeling and weaving to intimidate us to fear. There was also a third row that we could see, that blocked the view of anything beyond them… That is how large they were, all I can recall seeing was the humps of their muscular backs as their backs appeared to move like a rolling pavement, they were that huge and so long, that they obscured the view of anything behind them. One of the demons in the first row hurled itself at me with it’s head forward, it’s shoulders flexed, and it’s arms out to it’s side. When it did so, I reached out to it with my right hand and caught it by the forehead and with one hand pulled it to the ground proclaiming “Come out of him you foul beast!! Be ye cast out of him in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!” (I am using the word beast here, because I cannot remember the exact word I used, but it was not demon, even though I somehow knew that the creature was demonically possessed.) The being hit the ground hard and started gyrating, then seized, and went completely prostrate with it’s arms locked at it’s side. It began elevating and levitating to about 7 to 8 feet into the air with it’s body locked in that position, while my hand was still on it’s head. As I looked around the others within my group all had a creature from the first row now controlled in the same state, and a bright light now emanated around us, a light that had no source. The creatures in the remaining rows would not approach us, as if they feared the light and the condition of which we placed their first line of offense. Then the dream ended.
I immediately woke up my wife Joyce, and told her the dream. She simply stated “Wow.” We laid back down and went back to sleep. I awoke shortly and started my 2am devotion in awe of my dream of being one of Jesus’s End Time Remnant Warrior Brides men.

Romans 8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creation waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

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