Remember the woman at the well – Melinda Goss

Remember the woman at the well

March 22, 2020 11:40 AM
Melinda Goss

What an amazing morning with Our King. Here is a word and mystery to ponder….All glory and honor to HIM.

Do not be scared or afraid.
Truths are being unveiled.
Remember the woman at the well.
Beneath the things you can see, the truth is hidden.
Beyond the understanding of your mind.
Remember the woman at the well.

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  1. Frank

    To understand this reread ot about abrahams servemt going to find a wife for Isaac and what the well and asking the dansel GIVE ME TO DRINK I PRAY THEE signifies. Than reread nt John and the samaritan woman Remember Jesus likes to repeat himself lol anyways God bless. I pray you guys hear this.

  2. Ahhhh, this is one of my favorites, as, prior to meeting The Holy One whilst I attended my dying Pops (who was a WELL DRILLER :)- I would have given that woman at the well a run for her money! But God was most gracious w/me; granted me repentance; healed my heart; and like many others these last days, called me out of Babylon so as to love and serve Him, my Beloved!

    Here’s some of what LORD’s shown me:

    It appears COVID-19 is used to pave the way not only for what the Bible calls the “mark of the beast” (see Revelation 13:16-18), I’m sure it’s all part of preparing the way for China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran’s invasion of Babylon-USA (see Isaiah 7:23-24; Isaiah 59:19; Jeremiah 51:27; Nahum 3:13; Rev8:8-9; Rev17&18.

    COVID-19: Babylon-USA’s FIRST Confirmed Case = Opening of FIRST Seal, 1/21/20; which occurred seven years after Antichrist-on-deck Obama exalted himself as God during the 2013 Presidential Inaugural (which represented the preliminary opening). Hence, as foreshadowed in Joseph’s days (Gen41), seven years of plenty are over, and seven years of famine have begun. (FMI, see my video: https://youtu.be/hJgFMhAN0fI).

    Revelation 6:2, “And I looked, and behold, a white horse [Obama’s ride toward ruling NWO; also alludes to disease; see Leviticus 13:4]. He who sat on it had a bow [Bio-Organic Weapon]; and a crown [corona in Latin, points to CORONAvirus / COVID-19 the “arrows” for Obama’s “bow”] was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.” Amen. (This is mirrored in Psalm 11:2-3.)

    2nd SEAL’s fiery RED horse alludes to world war starting with RED CHINA: “…Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword” (Rev6:4).🔴 LORD caused me to witness the preliminary opening of the 2nd Seal the night of 8/11/13, when a fiery red asteroid shot back at the Perseids (see my video #5).

    WORLD WAR STARTING WITH CHINA ATTACKING A USS? Back in Mar2014, LORD gave me a dream of a US warship in Asian waters, likely South China Sea (see: https://youtu.be/4zHjIUAIiHY). I could tell it was in Asian waters because a Buddha hovered over the ship. Soon the scene exploded into a yellowish haze. Hence, China will attack a USS using possibly a nuclear or chemical weapon.

    COVID19 and/or 5G installed in all our schools may have something to do Isaiah 47:9’s children who go missing in one day – on an October 15th date – as LORD revealed to me in a dream and banner vision back on 8/3/14, pointing to:

    A) Isaiah 47:9, “But these two things shall come to you in a moment, in one day: the loss of children, and widowhood. . .” (Also see Jeremiah 31:15-16; 49:11; Isaiah 49:25. Note: loss of children could be due to 5G? Widowhood due to our military cut off in one day – also possibly due to 5G and/or COVID19? See Jeremiah 50:30); and

    B) Revelation 8:7, fire burns Babylon/USA; our powergrid and military will be cut off in one day (Jer50:30; cp Isaiah 7:23-24; Nah3:13) = setup for Rev8:8’s nuke, which will kill 1/3 of the sea (including fish, plants, naval bases, ships, people, etc).

    Then LORD woke me from the dream, flashed a large Jeremiah 51:27(?) BANNER which read “October 15”; affirming Amos 3:7, “Surely the LORD God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.” My Oct15 banner vision faded before I could retain the year, affirming 1Corinthians 13:9, “we know and prophesy in part.”

    2020 HINDSIGHT: As mentioned above, God says we are to consider the FORMER things (Isaiah 41:22), as they were examples of things to come (1Cor10:11). Considering Joseph’s days when 7 years of plenty were followed by 7 years of famine (see Genesis ch41), I therefore CAUTIOUSLY lean toward 2020 as being year of the “October 15” banner vision God gave me back in Aug2014 (2013 + 7 years = 2020). (Why 2013? See below.)

    YEAR 2013: Yep! The Mayan’s were spot on! The New Age began Jan2013, when we got a sneak preview of the preliminary opening of Rev6:2’s First Seal, when Antichrist-on-deck Obama exalted himself as God during the 2013 Presidential Inaugural, 1/21/13; his “white horse” was the White House (see my video #2). ☣️ “White horse” also is an idiom for spirit of disease, e.g., COVID-19 (see Leviticus 13:4, 10, 19, 42; Numbers 12:10; 2Kings 5:27); which will likely pave the way for Revelation 13’s mark of the beast: likely a vaccine / RFID implanted microchip or smart tattoo combo on right hand or forehead so as to buy or sell (Rev13:16-18). WARNING: Anyone who receives the mark of the beast will seal their fate in hell for all eternity (Rev14:9-10).

    I see Trump’s demise and Obama’s rising alluded to in Daniel 11:22-23: “With a force of a flood they [Trump, Pence, et al] shall be swept away from before him and be broken, and also the prince of the covenant. And after the league is made with him [Antichrist-on-deck Obama] he shall COME UP [resurrected] and become STRONG [empowered by Satan] with a small number of people.”

    FULL MEASURE: This year, 2020, points to full measure, 20/20; e.g., “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors have reached their FULLNESS, a king [Antichrist-on-deck Obama] shall arise, having fierce features, who understands sinister schemes” (Daniel 8:23; see other full-measure/judgment passages: Genesis 15:16; Job 14:5; psalm 71:15; Proverbs 1:28-32; 2:13-19; 1Thessalonians 2:16; Hebrews 6:4-6; James 1:15; Revelation 14:18.)

    ⏳TIMEFRAME: “Then it will come to pass, when seventy years are COMPLETED, that I will punish the king of Babylon [Trump] and that nation [US], . . for their iniquity, says the LORD; ‘and I will make it a perpetual desolation'” (Jer25:12; cp Jer29:10; Zech1:12; Dan9:2). Israel’s modern-day statehood became effective May 15, 1948 + 70 completed years = midnight 5/15/19. The Knesset declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital January 23, 1950 + 70 years = January 23, 2020. Hence, opening of 7th Seal is imminent!

    See my video #113) “Super Bowl 2020’s Halftime Filth Fulfilled Zechariah 5’s Basket-of-Wickedness Prophecy”: https://youtu.be/jzcn4fUdr3E. Hence, Zech6’s four chariots to go forth, soon. Also see my video #108) 1-Page Tribulation Chart: https://youtu.be/29lZkR_Whts.

  3. Tell me what you think about this?

    VOLUME 1
    Jesus’ Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

    In the land of Judah all around Jerusalem and on the way to Samaria

    – Chapter 25 –
    Showing mercy to those who believed in the Lord strongly increased His following. Emergence of false gospels. The Lord walks through Samaria to Galilee. Attitude of the Samaritans. Sychar. The Lord takes a rest with his people at Jacob’s Well.

    (John 4:1) “Therefore when the Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John,

    (John 4:2) Although Jesus Himself did not baptise, but only His disciples –

    (John 4:3) Jesus left Judaea and set out once more for Galilee.

    Following these words of John, his disciples soon joined Me, and the number of My disciples kept growing from day to day, often from hour to hour. For everyone who began to believe in Me and upon whom I, according to the measure of his faith and following the baptism with water which was performed by My first disciples, had laid My hands, became filled with spiritual strength and courage and lost all fear of physical death.

    Since many heard of this, they spread the news wherever they went, although I had forbidden it. Besides, all My deeds also, often with additions and exaggerations, were made known all over Judaea and with the Jews, who were always craving for miracles, this naturally resulted in the fact that every day more and ore of them came to Me and in many cases also stayed with Me.

    But, regrettably, this had also the inevitable result that all this came to the ears of the Pharisees and, as already mentioned, with additions and exaggerations, some of which sounded so peculiar that even some Romans began to think that I would have to be either Zeus himself or at least one of his sons.

    The Romans also, sent investigators to Me, but they did not find what they had been sent for. On those occasions I usually did not do any signs, so as to prevent these superstitious people from becoming even more obtuse than they already were.

    From these exaggerations there eventually originated quite a number of false gospels which distorted the true one.

    The Pharisees, these malicious and exceedingly jealous chiefs of the temple and the Scripture, promptly began to consult together how to put a stop to our activities. They planned either to do away with us in a seemingly harmless way or at least provide for us a lifelong accommodation in an institution – nicely situated underground – as they later on managed to arrange with Herod for John (the Baptist).

    That I was quite aware of these noble intentions is, of course, obvious but, in order to avoid scuffles and annoying rows, I had no option but to leave the ultramontane, dark Judaea and go to the more liberal Galilee.

    (John 4:4) He had to pass through Samaria.

    It was even not advisable to travel the direct road to Galilee, but rather through Samaria which with the help of the Romans had already long since freed itself from the Priesthood of the temple (an easy and desirable task for the Romans whose principle it was anyway to split up the lands to make it easier to govern them).

    Because of this, the Samaritans were in the eyes of the priesthood in Jerusalem also the most despicable and blasphemous people on earth. On the other hand, the priests of Jerusalem had with the Samaritans such a reputation that they usually described the worst possible thing with the name of a temple priest. If, for instance, a Samaritan in a state of unjustified agitation said to someone, “You Pharisee!” the thus abused sued the offender who often had to pay for his indiscretion with a stiff fine and imprisonment for years. Of course, it is obvious that a Pharisee or other priest would have been ill-advised to enter Samaria. This proved most useful to Me and all those who followed Me, for in Samaria we were safe from the evil persecution by the templers.

    (John 4:5) He came to a Samaritan town called Sychar, near the little village that Jacob gave to his son Joseph.

    The road rant through Sychar, a town near the ancient little village which Jacob gave his son Joseph on his birth, together with the inhabitants of the little village consisting mainly of shepherds whom he received with Rachel as her dowry. The town of Sychar was not exactly a leading city of this land, but many very wealthy Samaritans were living there, as well as many a rich Roman, as this town was beautifully situated and the whole region very healthy.

    (John 4:6) Now Jacob’s well was there. Since Jesus was tired after his journey. He sat down on the stone curb of the well; and it was about the sixth hour.

    According to the present calculation] of time, we set out from Judaea already at about 4 o’clock in the morning, walked briskly without a rest and arrived at exactly 12 noon, which was then the 6th hour, at the ancient Jacob’s well which was situated some 40 paces in front of the little village in the direction of Sychar. This well had a very good spring, was enclosed by a curb gracefully chiselled in the old style and surrounded by shady trees.

    Since it was midsummer, the day was hot and My body had become very tired after the strenuous journey. All those who had followed Me from Judaea and already earlier from Galilee sought in their exhaustion shelter and a most desirable rest, partly in the little village, partly under shady trees.

    Even the first disciples, that is, Peter, My John the Evangelist, Andrew, Thomas, Philip and Nathanael, threw themselves down in the rich grass under the trees. I alone, although very tired too, seated Myself on the stone curb of the well knowing beforehand that there soon would be a good opportunity to have a useful discussion at the well with the stubborn but otherwise more open-minded Samaritans. At the same time, I was already very thirsty and waiting for a vessel to draw water, for which a disciple had gone into the village, but had not returned with it yet.

    (John 4:7) There came a woman from Samaria (actually from the town of Sychar: She was born in Samaria the capital of this land) to draw water from the well. Jesus said to her: “Woman, give Me a drink!”

    (John 4:8) For His disciples had gone away to the town to buy food.

    While I am still waiting in vain for a vessel from the little village, a Samaritan woman from Sychar comes with a vessel just at the right moment on this hot day to draw a delicious, refreshing drink from Jacob’s well. Only after she has drawn up on a cord the vessel willed with water, without taking any notice of Me, I address her saying, ‘Woman, I am very thirsty, let Me have a drink from your water jar.’

    (John 4:9) Says the Samaritan woman to Jesus: “What! You who are obviously a Jew ask a drink of water of me, a Samaritan woman? For the (proud) Jews do not associate with us (poor) Samaritans.”

    The woman, seeing that I am Jew, is quite astonished and says after a while, ‘Are you not one of those whim I met as they were entering the town and asking where one could buy food? They were proud Jews. Judging by your apparel, you must be a Jew too, and I am a Samaritan woman. How is it that you ask me for a drink of water? He, you proud Jews, when help is needed, even a Samaritan woman is good enough for you, but otherwise you no longer pay any attention to us. If I were able to drown the whole of Judaea with this vessel of water, I would be only too pleased to let you drink the desired water from this jar,. But otherwise I would rather watch you die of thirst than offer you even a drop of water from it.

    (John 4:10) Jesus answered her: “If you only knew the gift of God and Who it is Who says to you: ‘Give me a drink!’ – you would have asked Him and He would have given you living water to drink!”

    Say I, ‘You speak like that because you are blind in your perception. If you were seeing and recognised the gift of God and who the one is who is speaking to you and has said, “Woman, let Me have a drink”, then you would ask Him on your knees for true water, and he would give you a drink of living water. I tell you: Whosoever believes what I say to him, from his body will be flowing streams of the same living water as is written in Isaiah 44:3 and Joel 3:1.’

    (John 4:11) Says the woman: “Sir! You have nothing with which to draw the water, and the well is deep! Where else could you get a living water?”

    Says the woman, ‘You seem to be well versed in the Scripture. But as I recognise from your request for a drink of water from my jar that you have certainly no vessel to draw water from this deep well, where no one could reach the water with his hand, I would like to know how you could manage to procure it from somewhere? Or do you wish to intimate to me in a veiled way that you desire to have an affair with me? I am still young and attractive enough being not yet 30 years of age. But such a proposition on the part of a Jew to a most despised Samaritan woman would be much too surprising since you prefer animals to us Samaritan people. There is not a chance that I could be persuaded to do this.’

    (John 4:12) “Are you a greater man than Jacob our ancestor, who gave us this precious well, from which he drank himself, also his children and his cattle?”

    Who and what are you that you dare speak to me like this? Are you maybe more than our ancestor Jacob, who gave us this well and drank form it himself, and so did his children and his cattle? What are you pretending to be? – Look, I am a poor woman, for if I were rich I would not come myself in this heat to get a refreshing drink. Do you, as a Jew, want to make me even more miserable than I already am? Look at my clothes, which are hardly sufficient to cover my nakedness, and it will be clear to you that I am very poor. How can you demand of me, a poor, miserable woman, to even ask you, a proud Jew, to be allowed to serve you in lust? Shame on you, if you are thinking of this. But actually you do not look as if you were like that and, therefore, I do not really mean what I just said to you, but since you did start to talk to me, tell me in plain language what you mean by your living water.’

    (John 4:13) Jesus said to her: “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again.”

    Say I, ‘I already told you that you are blind in your perception, and so it is understandable that you cannot and will not grasp the meaning of My words. Behold, I also told you: Who so ever believes in My words, from his loins streams of living water will be flowing. Behold, I have already been in this world for 30 years and have never yet touched a woman, why should I now suddenly desire you? Oh you blind, foolish woman, And if id start an affair with you, you would surely get thirsty again and need a drink to quench your thirst. If I offered you a living water, it is obvious that with this I wanted to quench your life’s thirst forever. For, behold, My Word, My teaching is such a water.

    (John 4:14) “Whoever drinks the water that I shall give him will never suffer thirst any more. The water that I shall give him will be an inner spring for him welling up into everlasting life!”

    For whoever drinks the natural water of this or any other will soon be thirsty again. But the one who drinks (accepts with faith into his heart) the spiritual water (My teaching), which only I can give, will not ever be thirsty again, for the water I give to anyone becomes an inner spring for him welling up into everlasting life.

    You take Me to be a proud, arrogant Jew, but behold I am meek with all My soul and full of the deepest humility. Thus, who does not become as humble as I am will not participate in the Kingdom of God which has now descended to the earth.

    At the same time the living water offered to you is the sole true cognition of God and eternal life out of God, thus welling from God, the life of all life, into man as eternal life where it becomes an inexhaustible, ever-present life, flowing back into God’s life and producing in God one and the same freely active life. Behold, such a water is what is what I am offering you. How could you misunderstand Me so much?’

    (John 4:15) Says the woman: “Sir! Give me that water and then I shall not be thirsty, nor have to come all this way to draw water (which I find difficult)!”

    Says the woman, ‘Then give me that water, so that I may never be thirsty and need no longer go to all the trouble to come here to draw water from this well. For I live at the other end of town and have to walk quite a distance to come here.’

    (John 4:16) Jesus says to her: “Go home, call your husband and come back (with him)!”

    Say I, ‘O woman, you do not understand. There is no point in talking to you since you are quite ignorant of spiritual things. -go back to the town, call your husband and return to Me with him. I will speak to him, he will surely understand Me better than you do. Or is your husband also like you that he would like to quench his natural physical thirst with the spiritual water of humility?’

    (John 4:17) The woman answered: “I have no husband.” Says Jesus to her: “You are right in saying that you have no husband.”

    The woman replies to that quite pertly, ‘I have no husband’, whereupon I say to her with a smile, ‘That was brief, good and correct. Now you have really spoken the truth.

    (John 4:18) “You have had five husbands, and the man with whom you are now living “is not your husband, you told me the truth there (how things are with you)!”

    For behold, My dear, you have already had five husbands and, since your nature was not in accord with theirs, they soon fell ill and died, for not one could last more than a year with you. You have bad vermin in your body, and your vermin soon kills anyone who sleeps with you. The man you have now is not your husband, but only your lover towards his and your ruin. Yes, yes, you have really told Me the truth.’

    (John 4:19) The woman says to Him: “Sir, I can now see that you are a prophet!”

    Here the woman is startled, but does not want to commit herself and says after a while, ‘Sir, I see that you are a prophet. Since you know so much, you may also know what could help me?

    (John 4:20) “Our fathers worshipped on this mountain (Gerizim): but you Jews say that the temple where God should be worshipped is in Jerusalem; (Which of this is valid before God?)”

    I am aware that in such things God alone can help, but how and were should He be worshipped? Our fathers say that God must be worshipped on mount Gerizim where already the first patriarchs worshipped Him. But you say that Jerusalem is the right place where God should be worshipped. Since you are obviously a prophet of God, tell me where one should really worship God effectively. For look, I am still young and people say that I am very beautiful. It would be terrible if my vermin were to consume me while I am still alive. Oh what a poor, miserable woman I am.’

    (John 4:21) Says Jesus: “Believe Me, woman, the time is coming (and is already here) when you will worship God the Father neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem!”

    Say I, ‘Woman, I know your poverty, your misery and your sick body, and I know also your heart which is not really the best, but also not too bad. Behold, that is the reason why I am now speaking to you. Where the heart is still reasonably good, there is every possibility of help. But you are quite wrong in that you are in doubt as to where God should be worshipped worthily and effectively.

    Believe Me when I tell you: The time is coming and it is already here when you will worship the Father neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem.’

    Here the woman is alarmed and says, ‘Woe upon me, woe upon the whole nation! What will then become of us? Then we must have sinned terribly, just like the Jews? But why did Jehovah not send us a prophet this time who would have warned us? Although you have come to us as a true prophet, what is the use now if you say: In future God will be worshipped neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem? Does not that mean as much as – which I could read from your suddenly very serious face – God will forsake His people completely and take residence with another nation? Where on earth may this be? Oh do tell me, so that I may go there to worship God the Father as a true penitent, asking Him to help me, a wretched woman, and not to forsake my people completely.’

    To that I reply, ‘Now listen to Me carefully, so that you may understand what I am saying. Why are you full of doubt and fear? Do you think God is as faithless concerning the keeping of His promises as men are toward each other?

    (John 4:22) “You do not know what you worship; but we do know what we worship for salvation still comes from the Jews!”

    You do climb the mountain there to worship, but do not know what or whom you worship. The same applies to those who worship on Jerusalem. They do run into the temple, there creating a terrible bawl, but they do not know either – what they are doing and what they are worshipping.

    Nevertheless, as God has pronounced through the mouth of the prophets, salvation does not come from you, but from the Jews. Just read the third verse in the second chapter of the prophet Isaiah, and you will find it.’

    Says the woman, ‘Yes, I do know that there it is written that the law goes froth from Zion, since it is also kept there in the Ark of the Covenant. But why do you say then: “Neither on the mountain nor in Jerusalem?”

    (John 4:23) “But the time approaches, indeed it is already here (before your eyes), when those who are real worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for the Father wants to be worshipped by men in this way.”

    Say I, ‘You still have not understood Me. Behold, God the Father from eternity is neither a mountain nor a temple nor the Ark of the Covenant and thus does not dwell on the mountain or in the temple or in the Ark of the Covenant. Therefore I told you: The time is approaching, and indeed is already here before your eyes, when the true worshippers (as you can see them here resting under the trees in great numbers, some of whom you already met in the town on their way to buy food) will worship God the Father in spirit and in truth, for from now on the Father wants to be worshipped by men in this way.’

    (John 4:24) “For God is a spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth!”

    ‘For behold, God is a spirit and those who worship Him just worship in spirit and in truth.

    And for that neither a mountain nor any temple is needed, but only a loving, humble and as pure as possible heart. If the heart is what it is meant to be, namely a vessel for the love of God, a vessel full of meekness and humility, then such a heart holds the full truth. And where there is truth, there is light and freedom, for the light of truth liberates every heart. Once the heart is free, the whole person is free too.

    Therefore, he who loves God with such a heart is a true worshipper of God the Father, and the Father will always grant his prayer. He will only look at a man’s heart and take no notice of the place of worship which is quite unimportant, be it the mountain or Jerusalem, for the earth belongs to God everywhere. I think you should have understood Me now.’

    ays the woman, ‘Yes, sir, now you have spoken more clearly. But tell me: Are you no longer thirsty and do you not want to drink from the water-jar of a sinner?’ Say I, ‘Dear woman, never mind about that for, behold, I do prefer you to your jar and your water. When earlier I asked you for a drink, I did not mean from your jar, but from your heart in which there is a much more delicious water than in this well and your jar. With the water of your heart you can also heal your whole body, for that which I find pleasing in you will heal you if you can believe.’

    Says the woman, ‘O sir, how can I mange to bring the water from my heart to my private parts? Forgive me, sir, that I use such frank language with you, but I am a miserable woman and misery does not know modesty as such, it knows only itself and loosens the tongue according to the extent of the exigency. If I were not as miserable as I am, I would truly offer you my heart. But as things are – O God, you holy Father, help me! – I am miserably sick and must not add to my many sins, for to offer such an impure heart to a pure man as you must be would surely be the greatest possible sin.’

    Say I, ‘My dear woman, not that you would offer your heart to Me, but I have taken it Myself when I asked you for a drink of water. Therefore, you may offer me your heart, for I accept also a Samaritan’s heart. If you love Me, it is good for you, as I loved you already long before you could think of Me.’

    Here the beautiful woman blushes and says, somewhat embarrassed, ‘Since when do you know me? Have you ever before been in this town or in Samaria? In truth, I have never caught even a glimpse of you anywhere. Oh, pray tell me, when and where did you see me? Do tell me!’

    Say I, ‘Neither here nor in Samaria or any other place, yet I already know you since your birth, even much earlier, and I have always loved you like My life. How do you like that? Are you happy about My love? Behold, when at the age of twelve you fell into a cistern, it was I who pulled you out. But you cold not see the hand that lifted you from the cistern. Do you still remember that?’

    Here the woman becomes quite confused and does not know what to say, for quite a fire has already kindled in her heart and her love keeps growing visibly.

    After her heart has been active for a while, I ask her whether she knows anything about the Messiah who is to come.

    (John 4:25) Says the woman: “I know that the Messiah is coming who will be called Christ. When He comes He will (surely) tell us everything (that you have now told me)?”

    Now the woman, her cheeks still flushed, says with great emotion, ‘Lord, you wisest prophet of God, I do know that the promised Messiah is to come and that His name will be Christ. When he comes, will He not be able to proclaim to us only what you have now told me? But who will tell us when and whence the Messiah will be coming? Maybe you who are so very wise can give me some more detailed information about the coming of the Messiah. You see, we have been waiting already for a long time, but not a word can be heard anywhere about the Messiah. You would do me a great favour if you would tell me when and where the Messiah will definitely come to save His people from its numerous enemies. Oh do tell me if you know it! Maybe the Messiah would also have mercy upon me and help me if I entreat Him?’

    (John 4:26) Jesus says to her: “I am He, I who am speaking to you now.”

    Say I to the woman briefly, but with loving earnest, ‘It is I, I who am speaking to you now!’

  4. Leah

    Food for thought:
    Biblically, brides/wives are found at wells.
    The woman was a Samaritan.
    She speaks of her ancestors, those of the northern kingdom Israel (the capital was Samaria, hence Samaritan).
    She wasn’t of the southern kingdom of Judea. The Samaritan woman wasn’t a Jew, but Jesus was.

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