By Ms. Sophie

March 2, 2018


I was asking God on 2/28/2018 what was on His heart & said that I believe that He has always wanted a relationship with us and He started to speak to me and this is a beautiful answer He gave me but it is not just for me. I pray it blesses many hearts as it has mine and that all realize how much we really are loved by God.

Yes, My Child, that is always what I wanted from My Creation; that they would look up to Me, come to Me for counsel, to realize they needed Me. I wanted and I desired that My creation would simply obey Me, listen to Me. I have always known the right path for every single child of mine and I had wonderful plans for their lives but they chose not to look up, not to follow, wanting to do it “their way”. I let them do it “their way” in order that they would see their ways are not the best ways.

Man is always seeking, never finding, then seeking some more; all the wrong roads that lead to nowhere. Man is like a hamster on a wheel. They go round and round and round until they fall off. Man thinks of love only in a carnal manner. Love is a deep spiritual bond and only I can give that love! I created man to love Me with every fiber of their being as I have always loved each one from the very beginning.

I AM is Sovereign over all yet I do not find pleasure at all in what I must do. My heart grieves for each one of My children that will never see everlasting life. I gave each child free will to choose and My desire was that they would all choose Me. As you can see, this is not the case.

Most have chosen that path that lead them astray, the crooked road, the broad road. I am the Father of All Creation and one must be aligned with Me, must walk on the path I have put forth. My commands are there to define sin, to get My children to understand that I only accept those that desire My ways, live righteous lives, strive to be holy as My Spirit brings them to this place in Me. My children do NOT understand that to be One with Me they must walk as I walk, do My will. This is called RELATIONSHIP; I loving them and them loving Me. Instead, man complicates everything and tries to make Me as they are.

I am so very Holy and most do not realize just how Holy I truly am. Just a simple taste of My glory in holiness makes man quake in fear. The watered down gospel of who I truly am has given My children a warped and distorted view of who I am. There is no reverence, a false type of worship, and not many truly praise Me and very few thank Me. The false type of worship I speak of are these songs of what I can bring to them, of this twisted view of My grace. How many truly worship Me on bended knee, how many bow to Me, how many sing songs of pure devotion to Me? There are many songs of how they love Me yet this means nothing to Me when they live as they wish. They walk in disobedience to Me.

They call this loving Me. These people are so far from Me-their love is false. I watch, I see and observe. A child who loves Me will reverence Me, will praise Me in the trials and tribulations, will lament in sorrow and feel convicted when they sin, will want to obey Me and live by My Ways, My commands. My arms are always open to receive anyone who openly asks Me into their life, is sorrowful, acknowledges they are a sinner in need of a Savior. I am Mighty to save and always ready to forgive. It is on ongoing walk which most do NOT desire to do. It takes a commitment on their part; this is why so very few ever walk on the narrow road.

I am Living Water, I am the Manna that nourishes the soul. It is the bread of life! I say “come and thirst no more”, I say “come and feast at My table” but they turn away. I demand all of one’s attention; yes, this is true but I gave all My attention on each one of you. I knew you before you were born, knit you in your mother’s womb, watched over you as you grew, saw you make mistakes and then had to pull you through. Sometimes, I had to chasten you to get you off the road you were on for it would have destroyed you. I cried when you cried. I waited for you to finally get tired of being on that treadmill you were on.

My children make things harder than they need to be. They run from the narrow road thinking it is too restrictive and they are in bondage yet the narrow road has always been freedom and liberty, no longer restrained to the confines of man, to carnality. My children do not see how this keeps them in bondage to asatan. It is because my church leaders have failed teaching My flock that hell is real, asatan is real. There are some that teach truth to a certain degree but at My return, all this will be corrected and restored to how I WANT IT. All will walk in My Ways.

My children of this modern age, you are as stubborn as those from long, long ago. You are seeking love in all the wrong places. Come back to your First Love and experience the love you truly need. No man, no woman can fill your heart the way I can. None can heal you the way I can. I cannot only heal your wounded heart but I heal your soul, your body, your mind. I, and only I, can do this. I am the Prince of Peace and My peace is not like man’s peace. I will ravish your soul, capture your heart if you let Me. I will NEVER force Myself on anyone. You must want Me. You must ask Me to be the center of your life. You must accept Me as your Lord & Savior. You must believe. You must have faith that I can deliver you and restore you.

So, in ending children, it has always been about My love and your love for Me. You complicated what is very simple to understand children. It is simply called having a relationship with your Father and making Me your First Love above all else. Now, do you understand?

Remember these words that My Faithful Servant has written here for you as I instructed. As this earth crumbles and evil rises, simply come! The darkest of days are coming so very soon, unimaginable things yet you will see then how much I still love you all. My light will shine through My chosen vessels. Repent and return and I will lead you to these in My light if that is in My will for your life.

Do not succumb to the darkness! Do not take the Mark! Do not give in! Do not give up! No matter what transpires, do NOT let asatan have your soul. Cry out to Me child! Reach for My hand! I will save you!

I am your life line,


As my Father and I are One, I will make you One.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 2/28/2018)

(Holy Spirit then said “I just want them to absorb the message in their heart so no verses required”


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