Rejoice and be happy! – Maria

Rejoice and be happy!

Dec 21, 2019 3:27 PM
"Joy to the world! The Lord is come, let earth receive her King! Let every heart prepare him room! Let heaven and nature sing!...

...repeat the sounding JOY!"

After a prayerful, yet dark and gloomy day of sadness and longing for Christ my King, I was given a spiritually uplifting dream which brought me deep joy. I awoke smiling and reassured.

I was taken up into the deep blue heavens and was shown a glorious angel. Escorting, with arms outstretched around, and with much jubilation- a beautiful blue and green world. I could see a new, pristine earth spinning peacefully in the angel’s embrace. The angel looked over at me, it was radiating a beauty not seen on earth. It shouted to me triumphantly “Rejoice, rejoice! Be cheerful and glad! ALL THINGS are coming to pass according to the Word of the Lord, the Most High’s ancient plan! Rejoice and be happy!”

I’m so thankful YHUH hears our prayers.

All praise and glory to our King, Jesus Christ the Lord! He died for the salvation of all souls, and he comes.

Please share the glad tidings to all.

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