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Regime Change – Mourner
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Regime Change

August 30, 2020 11:59 PM

“I will send foreigners to Babylon to winnow her and to devastate her land; they will oppose her on every side in the day of her disaster. Let not the archer string his bow, nor let him put on his armor. Do not spare her young men; completely destroy her army. They will fall down slain in Babylon, fatally wounded in her streets.” (Jeremiah 51: 2-4)

On the morning of August 14, 2020, I received a dream from the Holy Spirit. I saw two brothers working in an industrial area. One was in a factory that was assembling products. The other was in a heavily protected military bunker that overlooked the coast. The brothers became distracted from their work and began arguing and fighting with each other.

As they were fighting, I saw a number of battleships gathering in the ocean near the shore. The brothers continued to fight and failed to notice the ships. Then the warships began a heavy barrage of artillery fire against the American coastline. They continued unchallenged for what seemed like 30 minutes. Then I saw two leaders from the ships walking up the hill to where the brothers were. They were taunting and insulting them in a prideful manner.

I could not see the faces of the leaders clearly, but received an understanding that they were President Vladimir Putin and His Excellency Xi Jinping.

The Lord Jesus Christ gave His children in America a stern warning to prepare seven weeks ago. The time has now evaporated and the Christians are still obsessed with movies, social media and television. Most are unprepared and will soon be going home.

America’s many enemies are ready for battle. Together, they have decided to initiate a first strike against us, since we are unprepared and distracted by natural disasters, Covid-19, and street demonstrations. Americans have become weak minded and physically obese. Many have no experience in battle and will be slaughtered by the millions.

America has been living under the curse of “Roe vs. Wade” for over 47 years now. Nearly 63 million lives have been offered up to Baal on the altar of the abortion chair since 1973. Fully 30 percent of those lives were Black lives.

If Robinette Jr. and Devi manage to grab the reins of power this November, Hussein II and Mario will have an open door to begin their mandate to rule the world for seven long years.

Will HaShem’s people in America repent, pray, fast, and prepare, or continue in their Laodicean slumber?

“Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision. For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.” (Joel 3: 14)



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  1. Eyes Open

    The prophecy you gave us made perfect sense to me until you got to the last paragraph. “If Robinette Jr…..etc. Do you not realize we have civil war instigated in America even now between Republicans and Democrats….all by design? Think. Do you not how and from where this originated and how it’s been fueled? Do you really think this prophecy will change if Trump stays in office? This is what I’m reading between the lines. Please clarify.

  2. Bee

    His Excellency Xi Jinping. 😂😂😂

  3. Marc

    I take exception, with…those unprepared, WILL BE GOING HOME……
    They refused to be obedient to the warnings, so God will reward them???
    I think not….if they keep the faith and trust in God, no matter how hungry…yes.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

  4. Hannah Silver

    Robinette, Jr?
    Hussein II?

    Can we have a little help for the clueless on this one?

    That would be great; thank you.

  5. cit

    Putin and Xi made a pact decades ago. During the Cold War the whole country was in a state of heightened vigilance. Now, the global threats are greater than ever, particularly in regards to Russia, yet the whole nation has been lulled asleep. Americans are drunk with the wine of their fornication,the never ending stream of mindless entertainment, music, sports venues, movies, eating, drinking, and all sorts of debauchary. Porn and hollywood have become mainstream culture. Children think it is cool to be in porno videos. Christians and the church love Satanic hollywood movies and have become addicted to it. And people think it is ok to lie and cheat their fellow man in business as long as they can get ahead. Corruption has become the norm. And what about the many innocent lives that were savagely murdered by American bombs in Yemen, Syria and Iraq and elsewhere. Is God not more concerned with the living than the dead?

  6. Handmaid of the Most High

    Anyone who is critical of these words will either repent for their arrogance as they begin their time under tyranny or will already be gone into their next life according to their choices on the matter of salvation.

    The time of mockery is about to end! God is NOT MOCKED!

    Galatians 6:7-9 King James Version (KJV)
    7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

    9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

  7. Linda Daviduk

    Robinette Jr.- Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.
    Devi- Kamala Devi Harris
    Hussein II- Barack Hussein Obama II
    Mario- Mario Apuzzo (Obama’s Atty.)

    Hashem- the Jewish people’s way of saying Dad.

  8. peter

    It is always right and Biblical to test the spirits. Those who say “just listen and obey and accept these sayings and do not question them” are going against the word of God. Such words as “just follow and obey” are like as unto cults. Always tests the spirits little flock. Stay in the word in this day and age for there, you will be safe. Never put the words of men over the word of the Lord your God. For such will be the deception and those who put man’s words over the word of the Lord shall be cast into Great Tribulation. “Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.”- Revelation 2:22 KJV.

  9. Hannah Silver

    Thank you @Peter and @Linda Daviduk for making things Biblical and clear, respectively.

    We follow Christ and are led by the Holy Spirit and the scriptures, not any single man or woman, regardless of whether they speak truth or not.

    Jesus lives!! I love you all!

  10. Mourner

    Thanks everyone for your insightful comments. The four names that I mentioned were all middle names. Please see “The Man of Sin” posted on March 13, 2020. I am praying intensely for you and your families. Thank you for your prayers and kind words. Numbers 6: 24-27

  11. Shannan Howlett

    Don’t know if any of you follow Neville Johnson, he was a prophet of God that died suddenly last September, “For he walked with God and God took him.” If you will go back and listen to his teachings for the last 4 years or so, while we still have internet, he literally prophesied this day we are now walking in and the timing of it. There are some amazing insights to glean from his words. This is for someone out there today, as God instructed me to post this comment. And Mourner, thank you for your obedience.

  12. SarahR

    Slight correction to comment above. “HaShem” means “The Name” in Hebrew, which is a substitution for Yahweh since the Jews do not want to use the Divine Name. Father is “Av” or “Avi” (My Father). “Avva” is “Dad” or Daddy or Papa.

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