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Refuse The Mark – Caroline Diadem

Refuse The Mark – Caroline Diadem

Published on Mar 6, 2019

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hi friends and just want to get on here and just share something with you that I received on the 10th of February from the Lord and I have just been out in the evening and I just used my credit card and then the Holy Spirit put this question to me and I will read it to you and then I fell asleep and then I received information a lot of information visuals from the Holy Spirit about the RFID chip and the mark of the beast that’s coming so this is it here I’ll just read it to you so are you ready you are already paying into the beast system when you use your credit card do you realize this was what the holy spirit quickened to me God is telling me and highlighting this to me I say yes Lord but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I feel helpless I know I must pray for God’s wisdom and instruction concerning this and I felt that I felt like the Lord is quickening me to show me you need to start praying for my wisdom my instruction concerning the times ahead so and I just said it is getting too real just now so then I fell asleep and I was when I woke up I was just typing the information I was seen on my phone because I knew the Lord was giving me important information so this is what I received the prototype is made I saw that it was made it was appeared as a block of four oblong shapes but will appear as a circle when it’s on the skin and test behind the ear and Satan has breathed on it and okayed it and I saw like a dark figure breathing on this thing and it’s funny isn’t it because the Lord breathes he spirit into us so I don’t know whether that was Satan just imitating what the Lord does which would be no surprise there and I saw his face approving it it’s been designed carefully by computers the whole thing is done by computer by computers everything about is done by computers I saw his blueprint so I saw it being created on these computers it’s a device it’s a technological device it’s a weapon of Satan it’s a mark and a chip and it appears as a circle on the skin so that’s interesting that some mark and the chip so when people say you say to you the RFID chip is not the mark of the beast don’t believe it if that’s rubbish it’s implanted or embedded into the skin it becomes part of the skin eventually it cannot be withdrawn it’s a skillful device masterminded by Satan it has GPS it is a mapping device it has bluetooth it can attach to a computer it has a computer it is a computer program device it has sound waves it can alter your mood it can speak to you and I saw that I share that in another video about that these people were being spoken to telepathically through the chip you can have a look at my other video on that and it is the devil’s genius for ultimate control it is a betrayal and a deception for Humanity it will be used for telepathic messaging it is a powerful tool it is a hybrid it is ultimate control and ultimate power so the hybrid part I looked up and hybrid means that when something is a mix of two kinds it’s got two kinds in it so for example if you have a dog and it’s a sheepdog it might be a sheepdog mix with Alsatian so there’s two kinds in it and it’s the same for this chip so I thought it was one thing and then after thinking it for a few days I thought no what I believe that to be is it’s a technological device but it’s also the Beast is the dragon is it Mahmut force so it’s it’s both it’s a mix of the two and so when I receive this the other thing that was very important about this which is very important for me to emphasize is that when this chip is going to be introduced it’s gonna come in within a lot of deception it’s gonna be a lot of dislike and I think this there’s going to be a lot of them with withheld information like they’re not gonna let you know that this thing is going to control everything that you do they’re not gonna let you know that there’s a lot of stuff that’s gonna be hidden and then there’s going they’re gonna sell you on all of its advantages I’m sure it’s gonna be things like you know it’s it’s for safety you know it’s for convenience is a more efficient way it’s efficient for the government it’s efficient for us I mean there’s gonna be loads I’m sure there’s gonna be loads of advantages that they’re gonna sell to everybody on this people we need to be prepared because when if the Lord is starting to highlight these things to the prophetic that those who are in prophetic ministry then you know that this there’s a reason why he’s doing it it’s on the horizon this is coming we’re not gonna avoid it and the Scriptures are very very very clear that as believers we cannot receive the mark of the beast we do not receive this RFID chip this mark that they are going to insert in under your skin you don’t do it I’m gonna read you some scriptures in reference to this just to show you Christian believers we so need to be in our word we so need to have our ears to hear the voice of the shepherd well you know cuz only God that’s gonna be directing and leading us on this we’ve got to look for his wisdom instruction so anyway revelations says here the Beast forced all the peoples small and great rich and poor slave and free to have a mark placed on the right hand or on their foreheads no one could buy or sell without having this mark that is the beast name or the number that stands for his name this calls for wisdom whoever is intelligent can work out the meaning of the number of the beast because the number stands for human name it is the number and I believe that’s where Satan is using the skills of men the highest wisdom of men in achieving you know this goal of you know this RFID chip and because six six aside I believe it’s like the number of man so you know that’s where I think that the connection is there now in verse fourteen nine which to twelve is not generally quoted as much but I want to read this because this is really important here it says here a third angel followed the first two saying in a loud voice whoever worships the Beast and its image and receives the mark in the forehead or on the hand will themselves drink God’s wind the wine of his fury which he has poured out full strength into the cup of his anger all who do this will be tormented in fire and sulfur before the holy angels and the lamb the smoke of the fire that torments them goes up forever and ever there is no relief day or night for those who worship the Beast and its image for anyone who has the mark of its name this calls for endurance on the part of God’s people those who obey God’s commandments are not faithful to Jesus so this this is a very severe trial coming for Christians and we better have our hearts really in the right place with God because we’re gonna need all his greg’s all his strength all his help through this period of time and yeah so is there anything else I wanted to add to that and just that we are not to be deceived were not to be deceived this is coming this is the RFID chip we’ve known about this for a long time but now we know that we are being conditioned to receive this mark they are conditioning society to receive this and I think the g is going to be another leap into this this whole arena someone was taught to me there recently and we’re saying that the five gg can create Holograms and I know that I’ve watched videos before where the Beast was going to be presented as a hologram so we are so close so anyway God revealed this to me God highlighted this to me for a good reason and I just want to share this information with you to make you aware and to keep you strong and to give you information that you’ll know what this is about so god bless you if you’ve got any comments anything to add to it any more Information that you have from the Holy Spirit or any more you know insight that you’ve received you know doosh do please share it with with me will be great and with those of my viewers thank you so much for all your support and all your prayers god bless you all

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  1. Kathreen Margaret

    Thank you!
    What does “all his gregs mean?

  2. Kathreen Margaret

    Ok, I listened to the Video and found that the word is “Grace.” Thanks.

  3. LaTonya

    My daughter has had several dreams regarding the mark itself. There will be different versions. Meaning, the technology of it will evolve. One dream showed a knuckle shot. Another dream people were mandated to drink a serum to prepare for the mark. Another dream showed a flap at the nape of the neck. All were various pre- marks. One preparatory mark was in the the form of a question. I too had a dream that a billion dollar computer that assigned everyone a grid space asked everyone for loyalty to keep their job. I said no and temp jobs seemed to be how we got by for a period of time. Ultimately, we will be cared for by God the same as the Israelites in the wilderness. Although in my dream the wilderness was lush green huge pasture surrounded by mountains. Reps from my job came out to see and ask how I was surviving. Anyways, we must practice trusting Him for everything and/or go with out it. Part of that is neither loving the world nor the things of the world.


    Hey, brother thanks for the message but you need to re-write this, half of it doesn’t make sense and it’s in broken English. Not trying to be rude. Maybe I can re-write it for you

  5. Comment by post author

    That be great its just a auto generated transcript from youtube

  6. Yeh, it would be great if the Transcript could be corrected.
    Would like to share the Transcript after it gets corrected.
    Thank you.

  7. This is a very Confusing Message!!
    It would be much better to delete this Transcript.
    It does not bring any Honor or Glory to God either.
    Thank you.

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