Redeeming the Time, Right Hand, Salvation – Kinkoye Duhart

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Redeeming the Time, Right Hand, Salvation

April 4, 2024 9:59 AM
Kinkoye Duhart

Salutations, God has given me Understanding of delaying the end of the world. We must “Redeem the time” as I have heard other Christians reference Him. It’s a very simple task: we must constantly reread The Holy Word of God with His understanding, have many children and grandchildren, and then constantly reread and reteach The Word of God to our children. The end is always nigh, but Man has delayed it by reproducing Biblically sound offspring. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, The Israelites, David, Job, and our God Jesus Christ also did this with Mary Magdalene and The Samaritan woman. Spreading The Word to others is just as important as doing so for your own family. Salvation, of course, comes from believing in Him and receiving His grace as a result. We must:

1. Repent & Be Baptized(full body) in Jesus’ Name
2. Be Humble & Confess all sins, daily
3. Know One God in 3 forms: Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit
4. Worship Him & bring people to Him
5. Obey Bible & Holy Spirit’s voice
6. Stay loyal when persecuted
7. Spread Bible & Gospel by His Understanding to our families and strangers
8. Share with Poor & whoever needs it in His Name
9. Forgive all for all without revenge
10. Bless people who scorn us & don’t boast
11. Always refuse the mark of the beast in your body(tech implants)
12. Seek Purification daily
13. Pray daily especially in the midnight hour & fast
14. Have a relationship w/ God

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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