America, Babylon, Prophecy, War

Red Dawn! – Benjamin Faircloth

By Benjamin Faircloth

Febuary 25, 2018
“Red Dawn!”

“It is midnight in America, yet few see, for their lights have gone out! Deception is rampant and confusion abounds. This is the web that has been spun by your enemies. Politicians and preachers have lead this nation astray, yet few understand the hour of their demise! This is the day of calamity for a nation who sows death to the world!

Your weapons will become brittle in battle, as your pride swells and blinds you to your weakness. Your armor is fading and your weapons are obsolete, when judgment comes from Me!

I swear saith the Lord God of Israel that I will watch over My Word and perform it! Babylon will fall, Her gates will burn and I will be justified for My actions! Soon a new day will dawn over America. It will be the dawning of death and destruction! A Red Dawn of blood and smoke will cover your horizons! Your enemies will occupy your land and no one can save you! No prophet can prophesy, no preacher can preach a way for you to escape!

Oh America, you shed innocent blood in the name of freedom and preservation, but I say you shed blood because your wicked and unclean!

What is coming as your reward will be known and seen around the world! My heavy hand is upon you and very soon you will feel the pressure of My determination!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 26)


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